Newbie in Arizona


Greetings. My wife bought me our Garmin Nuvi 260W in May of 2008. We used it on a trip up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This thing is awesome. It was a seven hour car ride and it was accurate to within 10 minutes of predicting our arrival.

Since then we use it for any errand or trip that we may need any navigational assitance with. Actually I use it all the time. I have installed the 2009 map CD.

Later this summer we have a trip to the mid-west. I was searching for some way to update my Starbucks locations and found this site. This is great. I have been reading all I can on this site, especially on how to install custom POI's. I now have the latest Starbucks POI installed and we're ready for our trip.

Now I need to figure out how I can actually contribute. It seems impossible to think of a POI that does not already exist.


Contributing... just did! In the scheme of things you "puffed up" someone's chest with your Starbucks comment. Now we'll get another shot from him or her. Welcome to the site and you'll find a way.

As for being "within 10 minutes" Garmin couldn't know how long a break you needed in that 7 hours. LOL

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Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site 98cirider.Like you say it is hard to come up with a new custom poi file that someone else hasn't already done.Sure you will come up with something .There is a post that members can list the type of custom pois they would like to see added.

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Welcome to the site. Enjoy!

Welcome to the site. Enjoy! It is a treasure trove of poi's and cameras.

Welcome to the site, I am

Welcome to the site, I am glad you have found it useful.

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Newbie In Arizona

Welcome to the POI site.
I have learned a lot the past year on this site and still am learning.
Everyday there seems to be something new.
Welcome again.

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Welcome to the Site

You will find this site an invaluable tool for GPS information.

Welcome 98cirider

Keep reading posts on this site and you will continue to learn more about your GARMIN.

Keep sharing your experiences and we will all learn something new.

Don't hesitate to ask questions. There is more to GPS than turn by turn directions....


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Welcome 98cirider

You mentioned you downloaded a new Starbuck's POI, did you download and install the icon and voice alert as well?

Your 200 series Nuvi will only play WAV files and you need to have another program, SOX.EXE placed in the same program files folder containing POILoader.exe.

Adding voice alerts is great and sure beats the bings and bongs of the standard alert sounds.

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Welcome! You will love your Garmin GPS! I can't believe I went as long as I did without one.


Welcome aboard. Take the time to discover the wealth of information offered by this wonderful site.

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Welcome 98cirider

Welcome and enjoy the site.Lots of great information on this site that will keep you coming back for more and more information. Also great people here with tons of knowledge and always willing to help ...

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Garmin nuvi,750

Yes, I also added the Starbucks image

Actually, yes I did download the .bmp image for Starbucks. I also downloaded an updated Walgreens POI and the .bmp image for it. After reading through other's advice, I was able to load both set's of POI's into my Garmin and they both show up, one named Starbucks and one Walgreens.

I have not played with voice alerts.