Why my nuvi 750 occasionally navigates without voice prompt


Hi I am a rookie to this forum. Thanks for your attention.

I hava a Garmin nuvi 750 and it has such a problem:
Occasionlly when I start the GPS and select a destination, the thing on screen is OK: there are texts guiding me, but I just didn't hear any voice like those "please follow the highlighted..." and it keeps that way for a long time. I can tell it is a software problem because once, after about half a hour of its refusing "speaking", it suddenly did and scared me to death since I had just comforted myself with no voice... When such thing occurs, I always tried to turn it off and on again but it may or may not work.

Actually there is another problem with my device: sometimes when I start it, it halts on the black scree showing "loading the maps" which normally stay only seconds.

Do you guys see any similar problem on your devices? and any suggestion on how to avoid it?

Really thanks.

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Have seen both issues

My 760 loses it's voice on occasion as well. It has always returned if I turn the unit off and then back on and request it to calculate a route to the destination again. Not sure what causes this but it hasn't happened enough to really be an issue for me.

According to posts in other forums, when the unit stays on 'loading maps' the Nuvi's internal storage is being defragmented by the operating system, much like you can defrag a hard disk in the Windows OS. What causes this defrag of the Nuvi to occur, I don't know.

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2 things

First, welcome to the forums. We hope you will stay around and both learn and contribute.

Second, I have heard but can't confirm that the unit may also be processing old track logs and that contributes to the delays. Trying clearing any old track data and see if that helps.

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It's a problem I've encountered often, that is solved simply by powering the unit down for a few seconds, then turning it back on.

The GPS is basically a miniature, purpose built computer, with software that is not 100% bug free. Seems to me that startup is when most problems occur (locks up @ the loading screen, voices disappear). Also, if the power is cycled quickly, as in the lighter socket that the power plug is in turns off when you go to start your vehicle, this can also cause problems during bootup (happened just last weekend to my 750, when I lost voices). Try to place the unit in the cradle after you've started your vehicle, and not before.

Good Point

Although I have the 'loading maps' issue no matter how I turn the Nuvi on or whether it's plugged in or not, my 'no voice' issues seem to always be in the car where I always place the Nuvi charger in the power plug which turns off and on when I start the car.

Will have to remember to plug it in after I turn the key from now on.

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Lost voice prompts

My 750 was doing that also. For no obvious reason, it just went silent. I found that if I selected a different voice and then went back to the original, it worked properly. I have not seen this problem since I upgraded to 4.80.

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what you need to do is up grade the softwere..

get the WebUpdater from garmin or any place that sell garmin its free...

i got a garmin nuvi 765T i had the same problem but its working great now hope this help...Don.