Traffic cameras?


Can someone post an easy procedure for getting traffic light cameras etc on your nuvi? A help link next to the download button would also help.

I keep only getting two cameras, and I get a box telling me that the files are corrupt.

Hopefully you can see the problem that I, and many new users, are having.

Camera Files

From where are you getting your camera files - from POI-Factory?

If you are getting your files from here, they come in a zip file. Save the zip file someplace convenient and then extract the files to a folder. I extract mine to a folder on my desktop labeled POI. Under POI I have a subfolder called Cameras. Here is where I put two of the three. The speed camera file and the Redlight-Beta file.

I then run POILoader telling it to load the contents of my POI folder. POILoader reads the contents of the folder and creates a file I store on my SD card. That's pretty much it.

If you have POILoader build the file POI.GPI file somewhere other than your Garmin or the SD card in your Garmin, that could be a problem when you copy it.

If you want icons and an alert sound, you need to have the right BMP and sound file in the same folder as the data file. The sound file and the icon have to match the name of the appropriate camera file EXACTLY with the exception of the file extension.

It may be you have a corrupt GPI file on your Nuvi someplace. Using Windows Explorer, search the folders on your Nuvi or the SD card and delete any POI.GPI files you find. You may find one that was renamed, but the key thing to search for is .GPI and delete those files. That should clear the problem.

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Success! I did just go

Success! I did just go strait to the Garmin without MapSource and it was an easy 3-5 step process. I still hope someone could put a help file next to the download button so it would be much easier for others.