How do I update Mapsource on my PC?


I have finally updated the map on my 760 to 210.10.

When I bought the 760, I was given a cd with Mapsource 2008 on it. As a matter of fact, I had it on my computer for a long time, until the pc crashed. I have not re-install it since.

Now, I would like to have Mapsource on the PC again, so, do I install the 2008 version, update it and then update it to the 2010.10? And how does one update it to 2010.10?

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You'll need to reinstall MapSource from the DVD (CD?) and then get the latest update from the Garmin website to bring it up to date. I would also like to know how you get the latest version of your purchased maps back into MapSource. That has been puzzling me for a bit, but not enough to call Garmin just yet. Maybe we'll both get an answer here.

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It's automatic

If you already have MapSource installed and *then* install a map update, it will copy the map update to your Nuvi and MapSource automatically. I have MapSource installed on both my laptop and desktop computer. To get MapSource updated on both computers, I ran the map update on the laptop as well as on the desktop computer, even though it was already installed in the Nuvi. In the Nuvi, it just overwrote the existing map a second time - no harm there. But the process also installed the new map in MapSource.

It's Automatic

Thanks, John, come to think of it, I vaquely remember while installing 2010.10 on to the Nuvi, a message flashed by, saying "installing map update to your computer." At the time, I thought that it'll install a copy onto to PC without me having to first install the old one. Afterwards, I did not see any trace of it on the PC.

I'll try doing it as suggested by TXRVer and you tomorrow.

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Look in the Garmin folder(s) on the pc. Or use the Search feature.

After a map update (with no previous version of mapsource installed) mapsource ended up in the Garmin folder and also in the start up menu under Garmin.

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