Fullerton's Traffic-Camera System Booted

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Nick, Thanks for letting me

Thanks for letting me know, I have removed these locations for next week's update.

Miss POI

"phasing lights" ? goodluck

City_of_Fullerton wrote:

The city has permanently reassigned two officers solely to red-light patrol and ordered phasing indicator lights that allow police to work intersections from different vantage points.,strong> The phasing lights, costing $200 per device, will initially target red-light runners at Magnolia Street and Orangethorpe Avenue and on Harbor Boulevard at Chapman and Orangethorpe avenues.

$200.00 a traffic light Huh... Good luck with traffic jams!

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Learning opertunity:

Bob do you have any information about these "phasing" traffic control devices? Do they just have a large strobe or some Star Trek like device to stun oncomming drivers and it makes them stop? smile

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