A Dynamic POI for Every Man, Woman and Child.


I route-up 20-30 residential addresses each day for the Chicagoland area. I find Yahoo’s geocode brings me literally right to the doorstep most of the time.
Anyone know where they get their data from?

I read that in the 2010 United States Census being taken, that every Address will be Geocoded.

U.S. Census Bureau

Census 2010: Dress Rehearsal of Address Canvassing Revealed Persistent Deficiencies in Approach to Updating the Master Address File

“The bureau conducts address canvassing to ensure the address list for the census is as accurate as possible. Estimated to cost more than $500 million, this operation entails verifying, updating, or deleting addresses; adding missing addresses; updating streets on the TIGER maps; and geocoding every structure by assigning Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates. During this massive operation, thousands of temporary decennial staff using handheld computers containing MAF addresses and TIGER maps try to locate every place a person could live or stay and ensure it is correctly recorded and Geocoded. “

Now a Look into the Future…


By decree of the now thrice elected President.

The “U.S. Census Bureau” will now be called the “U.S. Google Maps Mashup Census Bureau“

Their motto: A dynamic POI for every Man, Woman and child! Drag and Drop yourself on Google Maps today!

It’s nice to have a good Geocoded mapping system, But can it ever get to good??

That’s the question I pose.

-- Directions... Sure! Take the next three right turns & your there.

Census Information

Apparently this is true. My property is fenced in and I was out cutting grass about a month ago, when a vehicle pulled up to one of the gates and sat there and blew the horn until I drove over on the mower. The lady identified herself as being a census taker, flashed some identification and proceded to ask the usual questions. The shocker was when she ask to have access to the property so that she could stand on my front porch and record the Lat and Lon coordinates. I said that I didn't really see a problem with that, but didn't open the gate. razz Finally, she said that where she was standing was OK. She then tried to record the coordinates, but for some reason it supposedly didn't work. She then informed me that the system was screwed up and that I wasn't on her appointed route. I responded with "why not". There are not many houses on my street (country living at it's best). She told me that the system would assign her to one side of the street and somebody else would be assigned to the other. I said it sounded like a typical goverment program that would not work and would be more expensive than studying the sex life of the Peruvian rain frog. To date, if anyone else has tried to contact me, I don't know about it, so the information and coordinates (if any) must have been accepted. mrgreen


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math error, hopfully census workers will be better with numbers

LightsOut wrote:



By decree of the now thrice elected President.

Thrice doesn't divide into 4, or even 8 and I doubt that latter will happen anyway. rolleyes

I do like the Idea of geocoding every structure by assigning Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates, during this census.

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Maybe too much info

I don't think they have a need to know about my private property, of course they can just look it up on the satellite imagery and geocode from there. Why send people out to mark things when you can have a computer and satellite do the work for you?

Why send people out

Because Acorn has to be paid off.

I like it too

BobDee wrote:

...I do like the Idea of geocoding every structure by assigning Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates, during this census.

I like the idea of geocoding addresses during the census, too. Of course, it will be a government-run operation by people who will not understand the issues and technology. Where do you suppose they will put the "mark" for our addresses? On the street at the center of our yards, at the driveway, or at the front door? And what will they do with apartment complexes where there is one entrance but 4 buildings on the property?

It will be interesting to see what happens, that's for sure. We can only hope that it will be better than the current method of just mathematically assigning where addresses fall.

As Likely To Be

The way things are going now it's more likely to be the "Acorn-Google Mashup" in 2020. Census will just purchase the data wink

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