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Due to limited space I have on my laptop, I am planning to delete the Garmin folder. This folder was created when I did an 2010 MapUpdate. Inside of this folder are MapSource.exe and MapInstall.exe (alone with many xxx.dll files). What are they for? When I opened them it looks like I can install the states (instead of all 50) that I want. My manual didn't go a lot of detail about it. Any info would be great.


Unless you are really pressed for space, you may want to leave that folder be. When you updated your maps, it installed MapSource and MapInstall. Depending on how you use your GPSr, you may find that MapSource is a handy tool to work with Favorites, Routes and even Trip Logs. WebUpdater and POI Loader also have components that resided in C:\GARMIN as well as other more hidden locations. Most programs would have put this in C:\Program Files, but Garmin seems to want to be in the root directory. My Garmin folder is 109MB...

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It's usually recommended to make a backup before you delete the files. see this post:

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Good to know. I don't use

Good to know. I don't use trip log but MapSource seems interesting. Will give it a try and see. Thanks for the advice.