Updating POI files


Just a general question. If a person submits a file, can another person update it? It doesn't matter but over the past while I've had a couple files I submitted updated by someone other than myself. I guess I don't understand the process.

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The person who submits the

The person who submits the file is the one responsible for keeping it updated.The general rule is if any new locations or changes are found to be needed by another member they will use the contact tab and send the changes to you.If unable to contact you after a reasonable time they contact Miss Poi.She may make a change if needed.You may want to email her to see what is going on with your files.

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No contact info

Since you don't have your contact tab turned on, no one can contact you to let you know about an update, so like CharlesD said, they'll send the updates to Miss POI and she'll make them.

To turn on your contact tab, click "My account," then the Edit tab. The option to turn on the Contact tab is about 3/4 down the page.