Strange Anomoly


I saw something really unusual this morning on my Nuvi 760. I drive a school bus part time. This morning, while making a turn-around at a dead end, I started back up the road and with the stock blue vehicle, the map started backing up with the map moving up the screen away from me. The car was actually backing up. I've never seen this before.

It continued for almost a mile, and as I started nearing the intersection it would turn the map around and then go back. Finally as I was making a left turn at the intersection, the map righted itself and began moving the correct way.

I guess when I turned around, the manuever was so slow that it failed to detect that the unit had been turned 180 degrees. It worked fine the rest of the route.

Frank DriveSmart55 37.322760, -79.511267

Wow!!! that is strange...I will try to see if it does on mine...


Had that happen once with my 350

I did almost exactly what you did. I hit a dead end and did a 3-point turn around. The 350 then showed me as going backwards. It continued that way for close to a mile, and then it just crashed and shut itself off.

wow, that is strange.

wow, that is strange.