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Hello to everyone. Just got my first GPS last week, a Garmin 750 and have been getting use to using it. Happened to stumble on this site and what a find. I have a lot of questions but will do some searching first, I am sure others have had the same questions.
Never lost again

Welcome Gene!

Welcome Gene!

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As you read through the site, you will indeed get even more questions. Keep reading, then ask away.

Nice to have you as a new community member, looking forward to what you have as input.

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Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site Gene. We're glad you stopped by. One word of warning though. This site is addictive! To quote Locutus - You WILL be assimilated!grin

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Welcome to the Site!!!

You will find the POI Factory a great source and invaluable tool for your GPS. Good luck and safe travels.


Hi Gene! (Guess that's not the first time that bad pun has been used on you.)

Seriously welcome, there is a wealth of information and helpful people here. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay!

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Welcome Gene to one of the most interesting and friendliest forums I know. If your gps can't find your answer, ask the group.

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Welcome, it is nice to have

Welcome, it is nice to have you joining us.

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Not just a bunch of download links

The reason you'll find this site interesting is that it's not just a bunch of download links coupled to static web pages; it's a whole community of lively people who communicate. And I'm sure you'll find them all just as interesting as their usernames and avatars. And you're right, you're never lost now that you have a GPS; just fashionably late should you decide to explore all the Points-Of-Interest that pop up on your Garmin along your journey. Everbody started out as a Newbie like you at some point in time; pay it forward and help somebody else when they come on board.

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Welcome to the group. Everyone is really helpful.

Welcome Gene! Utilizing and

Welcome Gene!
Utilizing and sharing at POI Factory will add great value to your GPSr purchase!

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Welcome to the site!

Greetings Gene

Welcome to a bunch of the most helpful people I have come across in a looooong while.
I have made some requests only to have some of the forum members tripping over each other to assist in the areas of need, up to and including writing POI codes for me for my Church listing.
Bunch of GRRRREAT Guys and Gals.
(That's my country side coming out)

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Welcome to POI Factory. You

Welcome to POI Factory. You will love it here.

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Big welcome, Gene-As others

Big welcome, Gene-

As others have stated well, this site is really a great place, BECAUSE of the great members and webmasters!-

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remember to have fun

remember to have fun

Welcome aboard

You will find just about everything you are looking for and then some.

Welcome, you will find many

Welcome, you will find many questions and answers here in the forum as well as Poi's. Enjoy!

what they said....

I also have the nuvi 750. You will really enjoy it - and this site can help you supercharge it to your liking... Welcome!

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Welcome to the family

If it isn't in the Garmin to start with, or in the manual on how to, you can pretty well be certain to find it here, or we'll certainly discuss it.

Another useful site that I also stumbled upon when I found this one shortly after getting my nüvi 750 is:

Both this and his are a wealth of information, but don't try to take it in all at once. Come back often, I bet you will. This is an ongoing work in progress that gets better with time and each newcomer.

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You'll have a great time here.

Welcome aboard!!!

grin Great site...and great people!!!!

Welcome. You have come to a

Welcome. You have come to a great sight with a wealth of knowledge. I think you will enjoy this sight