VPM Voice files


Just wondering if anyone has been fooling around with the VPM files with Voice Utility - Customize the voices on your GPS
On April 11th, 2007 geoadmin says:

This was provided by Ash10 on the PocketGpsworld.com Forums. It does not work for TTS (text to speech) voices, those are much more complicated. However, for those that really like to screw up there GPS devices this is a cool utility. Definitely back up your "voices" folder (on the nuvi's) before you mess with this.
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http://tinyurl.com/238t6o. You can add sounds into your vpm voice file.
I have tried it seems to work but just wondering if it will make Garmin talk more if more words are entered into file I fooled around with the English_America.vpm one of course backed old one up first since i am changing the file.
So just Seeing any Comments.

What did i do before GPS

I haven't used that

I haven't used that particular one, but I have used turboccc's voice editors: http://turboccc.wikispaces.com/NonTTSVoiceEditor

Completely redid English American with my voice. Haven't noticed any problems.


I haven't tried Turbocc's utility yet, but I have made a few different voices using various utilities and you can pretty much create whatever you want. Different language files use different phrases for giving directions, so you can come up with some interesting voice files.