New Low Clearance file has been uploaded


smile I have uploaded a new Low Clearance File. It is not complete nor 100% accurate. I have been cleaning it, adding locations and descriptions. Any input from the community will be greatly appreciated.

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Which ones have you updated? I've got a map for Chicago if that would help?


POI loader error

POI loader says error on line 13. That is in the Garmin CSV version


I checked my file and don't see the error. I will look into it more. Any corrections or new locations would be appreciated, please include coordinates and location and a basic description.

etrex vista, Nuvi 350, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 750(3)

What defines a low

What defines a low clearance?

My CB whip will hit brides and things at 13'4".

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Speaking as an ex-trucker,

Speaking as an ex-trucker, anything under 13'6" for a van/reefer is a low clearance.

It depends on what definition the creator of the "Low Clearance" file used.

Most Motorhome/Fifth Wheel RVs fit in the 12'6" class. Tag along RVs are usually 10' or less. YMMV.

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street sign

Had a delivery in a downtown area. Driver was told the street sign clearance was tight. The load was supposed to be less. They didn't mention the unused mounting bolts sticking up 2 inches, just enough to hook the sign spin it around and also wipe off the bolts.