.csv File Word Limits


I created a .csv POI file and in the 4th column I included information about each location. I wanted to include a history of each location, but it seems I was a bit too wordy on some of them. When I load them into my gps it only includes the history in the more section to a certain point where it is cut off.

Does anyone know a way to fix this without shortening the histories? Or if not does anyone know the word or character limit for the more section of the file?


If you have a lot of added

If you have a lot of added information you want in your file you would be better off using the gpx file method.You can use Extra Poi Editor at http://turboccc.wikispaces.com/Extra_POI_Editor .Just fill in the blanks after you download your file to it.

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Charlesd45 beat me. But yeah, you should create gpx files instead of csv. With gpx you can also attach a picture to each location.



I'm fairly new at this. I think learning how to do gpx files will be my next project.

Using a spreadsheet for .csv POI file?

If so, don't forget Excel has a limit on how much data it will export in each cell. You can put way more data in the cell than it will import and export to/from other sources.