Lane Assist


What States and where in those States does Lane Assist show on Garmin 765T? Thanks in advance.


They are literally all over the place...

But here is one in particular that I posted recently


Start point: N34 04.052 W117 58.954
End point: N34 03.606 W118 00.085

There should be two different Junction Views in this route.

You can create two favorites with the start point being 1/2 mile from the known junction *on the roadway* and the end point being 1/2 mile after the junction *on the roadway*. Then simulate the route.

1.Turn GPS simulation on (Tools>Settings>System>)
2.Find the start point favorite, select it.
3.Hit the Map button, hit Set Loc. button
4.Hit the Back button twice
5.Select the end point favorite, hit Go and simulate driving the route.

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