navigon 7100 gps red light alerts


Has anyone been able to load the red light camera and speed camera into a 7100 navigon gps. I have been temped to purchase one, but would like to have the same alerts that I have in my garmin.

Loading POI in a Navigon

I don't think Navigon has any way of adding custom POI to their units. If you go to their website, there is no mention of adding POI.

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Did It.

I have a 7200 but i have loaded the red light camera into that. Loading external poi's into a navigon require a external program not sponsored by navigon called POI-Warner. It's made in Germany I think but easy enough to understand and use.

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POI Warner

You need to get POI warner to load Custom POI's into your 7100 NAVIGON.

Get it here:

How to use it
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