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I recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi 850. On the Garmin website it states you have 60 days to update the maps for free. Since my Nuvi was preloaded with 2009 maps, I figured I can download the 2010 maps for free. When I try to download from Garmin it asks for my unit serial number which I provide, but it trys to charge me $69+ for the download. Has anypne done this successfilly?


Make sure you go to

Make sure you go to and register your unit.Remember 60 days of first acquiring satellites not registering.You should get directed to updating maps from there.If not directed select Manage maps and downloads and look there.

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You can also try to email Garmin customer support and see what they say.

I had the same problem like

I had the same problem like you when I got my 260W a month ago.I registered the unit and email them. In a day or so I got a reply saying my download is ready. call or email them with the relevant info.

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Refurbished units?

Does anyone know if you are eligible for an update to the new maps within 60 days if you purchased a refurbished unit? (from an authorized dealer of course)

You should be. You will

You should be. You will most likely be asked to furnish a copy of the receipt.

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Is the 2010 map update what

Garmin is calling on its website City Navigator NT? I don't want to buy the 2009 version.


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GC0110 wrote:

Garmin is calling on its website City Navigator NT? I don't want to buy the 2009 version.


Yes, if you're willing to pay list price and buy from Garmin, you will get the latest version, and for North America that's the 2010 City Navigator North America NT (which may also include the words numaps and OneTime).

If you buy the download version straight from Garmin, you'll have quick access to these new maps. If you buy the DVD from Garmin or elsewhere, or a download code from another site, you'll need to wait for delivery.

When buying from non-Garmin sites (especially eBay sellers or other discounters of possibly older merchandise), it is worthwhile to ask if the DVD is 2010 or an earlier version. If buying a download code, you're getting the latest. Never buy an opened or used update DVD (eBay, for instance) since you can't guarantee that the unlock code associated with the DVD hasn't already been used, rendering the purchase a waste of money.

Keep in mind that buying from pretty much any non-Garmin web site (Amazon, for example) will get you the product for less than list price. Also remember that the numaps Lifetime code (good for quarterly updates for a specific GPS) from anyone is not that much more expensive than buying a OneTime update and should be considered if you plan to keep a GPS and upgrade it more than once. All numaps Lifetime codes are for downloaded upgrades, not DVDs.

Clear as mud? wink

If I misunderstand any of this, fellow POI Factory folks, please correct me.