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I purchased a 265t for my wife in Feb. I took advantage of the free map update offered by Garmin. I have noticed that the new map is missing a lot of smaller communities, among other things. I know this was just brought up in a recent post also. My question is, how can I get the original 2009 map back on my unit, the one it shipped with? I did not do a backup when I bought it. Does anyone think Garmin would allow me to reload the original map? Thanks in advance.

nüvi 680, 265t, 295W, iFinder H2o

You could try and contact

You could try and contact cutomer service and ask.....you never know!!! Somedays are easier than others with their support center. I recently bought a refurbished 660 and they sent the new map and also registered the unit with no questions asked. Saying this though, it would have been a good idea to back the unit up first....yes it takes awhile, but if you mess your gps up, most likely you can put it back to the way you bought it!!! hope this helps

about that backup advice

There seems to be a lot of advice on this site telling people to "back up" their Nuvi, and it omits some very critical information. What you can see on your Nivi through the USB interface is not everything that is stored in the flash memory, it is only the portion of the flash memory that the Nuvi software chooses to represent as an available disk drive.

Making a backup is certainly a good idea. Particularly if you are going to go into the Nuvi through the usb interface and delete things such as the included sample pictures or the extra language files. I backed up mine before I even let it acquire a satellite signal.

Anything that you delete this way should be able to be restored from the backup. However, that does not mean that other changes to other parts of the nuvi memory made through applications such as the web updater or map loader can be reverted the same way.

Don't kid yourself that you can just put the files from your backup back onto the nuvi and it will correct any changes and be back in the condition it was when it was backed up. For example, If I were to replace all of the files that I made a backup of, it would not reset my "data of first acquisition", that information is stored outside of the viable nuvi file system. I'm not sure if you can revert a map just by reloading backup files, but it is certainly positionable that this will not work and might even leave you with no working street level map. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who actually reverted a map update with backed up files, but until I could get confirmation that this technique worked I would be weary of it.


If you had a backup of the original files from the GPS unit on your computer, you could copy the older map file onto the unit and it will work. (Note to anyone wanting to do this: It would be extremely advisable to do a FULL backup of the GPS unit before you do this.)

If you do not have a backup on your computer, my guess is that you will not be able to get it from Garmin. It's worth asking, I suppose, but typically once the new map comes out, they won't send out the previous version.