Garmin SaversGuide Membership Card & SD Card


Saver's club gone....

Garmin is discontinuing the "Saver's Club" card, as well as the "Language Guide" and other "Travel" cards. This was announced BEFORE I got laid off, so yes, it's true.

The cards that are out there now will be valid until at least November/December of 2009, but you will have to run the card in the GPS, and can no longer download it due to so many people "sharing" the card. Make sure you have the "Saver's Club" physical card as well, and make sure you check before you try to use it that the merchant actually accepts the card.

It was always a HUGE problem, and we got a lot of calls from consumers who were unable to use the card because the merchant no longer participated in the program and/or never aware of the discontinued (like many of Garmin's items) status and that many merchants who are on the card no longer participate.

Good to know. TY BTW sorry

Good to know.


BTW sorry that ya got laid off. It is a rough time out there.