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I'm looking to update the maps on my 660. Am I able to "backup" all the current files that are in my 660 on to my PC?
In case something goes wrong with the update...then I would just reload my current maps and data...
Also, when I upgrade, will my FAVORITES still be intact?

660 Map Update

I was able to update the maps on my 660 from 2008 straight to 2010 with no problem.

1. Yes, you absolutely should copy all the files and folders from your 660 to your PC before updating the maps.

2. Yes, your Favorites will still be there after the update.

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To back of the files on your

To back of the files on your gps.Just hook it up to the computer using the usb cable.It will show as a drive just make a copy and save to your computer.It will take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.You will not lose your favorites when updating the maps.

Edit Gary. We must have been typing about the same time.

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Thank you