Quotes in 3rd Field of State Rest Areas


I was looking at the Rest Area 'csv' files by State and noticed that some of the files have the text after the 2nd comma (longitude, latitude,) enclosed in quotes. Others, for example CT & VT, do not have this 3rd field (POI Name) in quotes. Which is correct and what effect, if any, will either method have?


Re: Quotes

Putting quotes in allows the parsing software to ignore any commas used. Such as in an address. Some software will interpret that enclosed comma as an end of line and start the next line.

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Usually to include commas, end of lines

That depends on what you're using to read them. I'm not totally sure about POI Loader because I haven't experimented, but normally commas indicate to the software that everything between comma's is one field and everything up to a carriage return is one record. Usually if you want an actual comma or carriage return included in the field then you enclose it in quotes.

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It's part of the CSV format

The CSV format, which is actually a text file using commas to mark different sections of the record requires quotation marks for a single section that contains special characters. Sometimes they are needed, sometimes not. It depends on what is supposed to be in that part of the record.

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Since the answer to the OPS question is "sometimes" as others have already explained, I have just gotten in the habit of putting quotes around both the 3rd and 4th fields just for uniformity and consistancy within my own POI files.

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