bmp icon


When I download the Logan's roadhouse poi files the bmp icon does not show up correctly its a red square.
does anybody know how to correct this problem please?


Download Irfanview from (free) and open the bmp file with it. Look at the information section, confirm it is 24x24 or smaller and 256 color. I expect that you'll find that problem is that it is not a 256 color bmp, if so use Irfanview to convert it to 256 color and resave it.

I would have checked this, but you didn't provide a link to the bmp in question.

bmp issue

Thank you so much.. problem solved...

thanks - good info

For the longest time I could not figure out why some .bmp's would not load. Very good info.

awesome, thanks a lot man

awesome, thanks a lot man