More Red Light Cameras in New York's Future




Cameras to be installed at 50 LI intersections

10:03 PM EDT, March 31, 2009

The [Nassau] county legislature unanimously approved a request to the state to allow Nassau to install red light cameras at 50 intersections, in hopes of reducing accidents and of generating badly needed revenue.

"We needed to act . . . today because the state legislature may be leaving Albany shortly after the budget is passed," said presiding officer Diane Yatauro (D-Glen Cove).

Tuesday's vote for the request, called a home rule message, required a two-thirds majority of the 19 members.

Republican minority members said they voted for the emergency measure because the administration had promised to use the funds to offset $12 million in cuts from social service programs, including those for youth and seniors.

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The article also says:


The current proposed camera law would cover Nassau and Suffolk counties, and the cities of Buffalo and Yonkers.

This isn't getting done as part of the state budget bill now being finalized (which was their original hope), it will need to go through the Assembly Transportation Committee, so it may take a while until this is enacted.

Although they are quite open about using RLCs to generate revenue, I live in Nassau County, and just about every day I see someone run a red light, or jump one before it goes green, so if they help make the streets a little safer (while maybe helping to keep my property tax bill from going up too much) I say bring them on. At least I'll have my POI Factory RLC file to keep me out of trouble smile

I'll pass along any more news as it comes available.

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Almost there...

Both houses of the NYS Legislature have passed bills permitting RLCs in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. It awaits signature by Governor David Patterson, who is expected to sign the legislation into law.

It will be similar to NYC, a $50 fine, plus a $25 penalty if not paid within a set period of time. Although the linked story doesn't indicate it, I read elsewhere that the RLC authorization is for a 5 year period, ending in 2014 (unless extended later).

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It's Official

Legislation allowing RLCs in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island was signed by NY Governor David Patterson on Tuesday, April 28. There is no announced timetable yet on when they will begin to be installed. Stay tuned...

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