Bluetooth problems c550


Had anyone started having major problems with the bluetooth working properly since last outdate? Mine is now freezing, not always linking with my phone, randoming reading old text messages, over all weird things with the bluetooth (weird ringing with incoming calls, no sound)?

Any suggestions on how to correct?

I was loving the bluetooth feature up until the updates. Now I am hating it. May have to go back to bluetooth earpiece. SAD!!!!!


No Problems here

I have the C550 also and do not have any problems using the bluetooth. I suggest you go to the Garmin web site and send them an E-mail. I have sent them several questions and within 24 hours they had responded and every state if problem or you question needs further help please reply to send e-mail.

update might help

I don't know what version of the unit software you are using. Garmin updated the C550 Unit Software to Ver 5.4 on March 16th 2007. The update might help.

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It is not unusual that an update can cause bluetooth to act up - suggest that you delete the connection on the Nuvi and your phone and rediscover - have the phone find the Nuvi and not the other way around.

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I tried it

I did just as you suggested. Should have thought of that myself, now that you mentioned it, it seems obvious.

I will have to use it for a couple of days to see if that corrected it or not, but just playing with it at home, it does seem to be working better already. Thanks so much for the suggestion.


tomstack hit the nail right

tomstack hit the nail right on the head.Every once in a while the something would happen to me when I had the garmin 550. I did just what tomstack above said and it worked every time.


This might correct your problem

Have you phone on and then turn your C550 on. Tap on the little wrench on the bottom row. On the next screen tap on Bluetooth. Next let it find your phone. Once you have complete this turn you C550 off and turn it back on. This should fix your problem. It seems that the update deleted you phone connection.

I tried it

It wasn't that it did not find it, it was still listed. But when I deleted the connection, and let the phone and 550 find each other again, all was fine. Now I will know in the future, after an update, re-establish the bluetooth connection. It fixed everything! Thanks everyone for your help.


Bluetooth Connection problems

The update doesn't always break the connection. I find that if I turn off the bluetooth or deliberately drop the connection on the Nuvi the problem will sometimes occur. The trick of deleting both connections and then rediscover pretty much works on any bluetooth devices connection problems. I discovered this with my Treo and my other speakerphone. This also worked on my friends BMW and his Treo connection problem.

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treo and c550

I am having similiar issues, except my connection only seems to work for one day. I am running the 5.4 software and system 1.10 on my Treo 700w. I have deleted both connections and reconnect from the phone. All will be fine until the next day, then the c550 will either not find my phone, or find it and then drop the connection within a minute and cycle like that until I delete my phone and setup a new partnership. Tried Garmin's suggestion of reloading the last update and deleting all my files. But so far it only works one day at a time. But works very well when working.

For those that have

For those that have bluetooth and have had a GOOD Bluetooth headset, which do you like better? I have talked with ppl on their bluetooth that is integrated with their GPS and they don't sound that great.

I have gone through about 8 headsets and all have been returned. The one I have now (Plantronics 510) and it does ok, I have sorta given up on the perfect headset and this does ok.

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Treo / C550

Go into setup when the telephone is not on the screen - go to the Bluetooth icon and tell the Nuvi to use your Treo connection - you will probably see that in the blueetooth screen that the Treo is recognized but not connected - select it and it should reconnect.
Interesting enough if you call your Treo or make a call with the Treo even when the telephone icon is not showing it will probably reconnect if is recognized in the Bluetooth file. It may or may not keep the connection.
If it is not keeping the connection delete bluetooth from both sides - and reset the Nuvi - the button behind the antenna and then re-connect - make
sure the phone and the Nuvi is fully charged.
That should work.

Garmin Nuvi 660,Software Ver. 3.2, Audio 1.8, GTM 3.7, GPS 2.9, BT 2.4, NA Map v8: Mapsource; Cingular Treo 650