Garmin 260W - interesting HW/SW find


I recently bought a Garmin 260W at Costco (I also have a Garmin 265WT) and decided to check the diagnostic information pages on both. It looks like they both are running the same firmware version, have the same GPS chipset, and have similar hardware revisions (although the 260W had a V1 and the 265WT had a V2 in the revision number ....

The voice modules were identical as was virtually everything else about the two. The audio sounds the same (so much for better TTS voices ....) With the latest firmware (5.00) the 260W has the same updated screen format, except it is missing the Speed Limit indicator (I think, I have not driven with it yet on a road where that would appear) and it does not have the Traffic or ECO options.

If the hardware is identical, is there any way to get the 260W to accept the flash update for the 255W? Is the firmware preventing some of the newer functionality or is the unit itself not capable of displaying it?

I also noticed that my 265WT can display the TOPO map feature whereas the 260W does not (is this a map feature or unit/firmware feature?)

The diagnostic mode screens offer one additional screen on the 265WT dealing with Bluetooth, otherwise virtually everything looks identical.

Has anyone tried to plug a traffic receiver into a recent 260W that appears to have the same 255W HW?

Diagnostic Pages

I have a 260. How do you check the diagnostic pages?


How to enter diagnostic mode on a 260W

lcoon wrote:

I have a 260. How do you check the diagnostic pages?

On the Main page that displays the GPS signal level, press and hold the GPS signal indicator for about 10 seconds or so - the diagnostic page will appear.

only the most recent

It's only the most recent 260 models that had the 2x5 innards. My 260 is more than a year old and it is quite different... and I'm happy with that difference. mrgreen

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