Shut off ads on Garmin GPS


Anyone know how to shut of the annoying ads for "Walgreens" and "Holiday Inn" etc.?
I have a Garmin 265wt.
Thanks, Barry G

Barry G

ads are part of the deal...

Disable the traffic and the ads will disappear. OR buy the lifetime ClearChannel traffic service, it overrides the Navteq ad supported service. You have a unit with free traffic, but the ads are part of that bargain.

I had them for a short time on my 755T, but I didn't find them all that invasive considering they only show up when you are stopped.

Garmin Quest/Quest2/Nuvi660/Nuvi755T

disable traffic by unchecking the Enable Traffic checkbox

Just go to the Tools>Settings>Traffic menu and disable traffic by unchecking the Enable Traffic checkbox.

See the bottom of page 28 of the owner's manual.

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Service Required buttons

I wish you could get rid of the buttons that require a service subscription as well. This can't be done can it?