Redlight Cameras - - Yellow Law Slows Redlight Revenue

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Thanks for the link. Very

Thanks for the link. Very interesting.

I also found this very interesting:


Marietta Police data on accidents at the intersections immediately before and after installation show that crashes at Windy Hill actually increased. In 2003, there were 124 crashes there. The cameras were installed in May 2004. In 2005, the intersection saw 142 accidents. The number of accidents fell to 89 in 2006.

So no direct evidence that cameras reduce accidents.

-- - red light cameras do not work

Very Interesting


Hey, thanks for the link, very interesting.


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Eye Opener! Huh!

Eye Opener! Huh!

JG - Nuvi 2460


but still only too low revenues are reason to take them down wink otherwise there is no way that any city will give up free money

States should step in

I'd like to see state laws mandating generous minimum yellow light times, with speed-limit-based criteria (such as X number of seconds at Y mph), with no enforcement penalty allowed if the yellows fall below state standards. If the key is really improving safety and not raising revenue, lengthening yellow lights and having the time be standard within the state is the best way to do it. It reduces the incentive of municipalities to set up revenue-farm red light cameras.

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