The Danish train stations except Copenhagen

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Last updated 03/26/2011

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416 location(s) outside USA/Canada

This POI make up the entire Danish train system together with the POI ”Copenhagen train system”, eventually search for this POI above! The train system is completely interconnected, inclusive the ticket system.
Main tracks are running all through the country, local and regional tracks are self explanatory. Private tracks are mostly owned by counties. Besides this train system we have a very flexible bus system that can be altered due to present needs.
The main tracks are very comfortable and is starting to offer internet access, fares are very competitive compared with transportation by car. The trains are running on time!
The names of the Danish stations, includes three Danish letters that has been changed to English/US in order to show up on non-Danish GPS. It should not be difficult to “guess” the names in Danish! download “Railmap.pdf”, gives you an overview of the train system.
Live map:
(Java needed)
Touring in Denmark is much more fun by train and bus than by car!

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