Updating Maps for Second Nuvi 360


Hi all, I purchased a Nuvi 360 two months ago and downloaded and installed the updated (2009) map. I ended up giving it to my mother-in-law who fell in love with it after borrowing it a couple times. I have now purchased another Nuvi 360 for myself and after registering it online, tried to download the 2009 map update. No go. It says my update period is passed, but that was for my previous Nuvi purchase. Anyone have any thoughts? I wanted to put this out to the forum before I go the the tech helpline. Thanx....


Call support. You may need

Call support. You may need to have a copy of the receipt handy showing that the device was purchased in the last 60 days, but as long as you can show that then you should be entitled to get the current maps.

If you registered both..

..you should see two entries, one for each unit & serial number on your My Garmin page. Each one should have different dates of registration & first acquired satellite dates.

It might take a day or so for the new one to show up, but it also might have a mistaken satellite date. In the latter case you should be able to call cust support & get them to correct it.

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Be aware

Be aware that Garmin is closing down the mapping freebies that have been going out for so long. If you don't have the receipt, you are out of luck.

If a rep tells you to email the receipt in, or fax it, make SURE you get their name and extension number. All too often, they tell you this, and then forget, the fax gets lost or tossed, and the email goes into a general email box and gets deleted.

When you send the fax or email, give it 30 minutes, and call that specific rep back. They can take care of this while you are on the phone, it only takes a couple of minutes, but you have to POLITELY press the issue.

Too often, the reps (that are left) will tell someone to fax something, just to get them off the phone and have no intent on calling the customer back. This is something you have to stay on, so make sure you get their name, and do not be afraid to ask to speak to the supervisor. The supervisor is the person who actually puts the mapping update on the account, the rep has to request the supervisor to do this. You can avoid the wait by asking to speak to the supervisor after working with the rep. I can not stress enough to be polite and pleasant, rude and demanding people will get put off and nothing happens for them at all, except their requests being tossed into the "round file".