Unable to remove custom POI


Hi all, adding POI's got the best of me and I decided to remove all of the custom POI's. I use the POI Loader to remove all the custom POIs, but they're still there when I go to custom POIs. I deleted the poi.gpi file, but the custom POIs are still there even after I restarted the unit. Am I'm missing something, did I miss a step? This is a Nuvi 265WT

Thanks for you help.

1. Delete all custom POI

1. Delete all custom POI from the original folder on your PC

2. Run POILoader again.

That should remove all custom POIs

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Do you have a Mac?If so

Do you have a Mac?If so delete the recycle bin.

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Didn't work..

Thanks for your suggestion, but that didn't work. The custom pois are still on the unit, even though there is no poi.gpi files 0 size. I removed all the custom poi files from the directory as you suggested. Is there a cache file the Garmin is storing?


Working on windows xp.

Not Mac, but it worked!

Charlie, thanks, clearing the recycle bin worked, even though I'm not on a Mac.

Deleting POI Files

I did some searching and found

Deleting POI Files

In some Garmin GPS units, there is an option to delete all of the POI's loaded into your GPS receiver. However, in some units this is not an option. They only way to remove them is to send just one POI to the unit or put the unit in USB Mass Storage mode and go into the garmin folder and find the POI folder and delete the 'poi.gpi' file. Make sure you know what you are doing here or you could cause serious problems with your Garmin unit if you delete the wrong file

Glad it worked I was looking

Glad it worked I was looking at another thread on the same subject I was going to send you but no need to now.Never had that problem and I have the same GPS unit and Windows XP.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Here WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS.

Yes that's it!!!

went on a .gpi hunt then emptied the wastebasket and no more poi's.