Need some advice on Nuvi 360 issue


I have a Nuvi 360 and when I try to charge the battery using the AC adapter, I got this: Serial Accessory require external power.
Before I was able to charge using the battery using the AC Adapter and now I got this issue. Please help..


Have you tried charging it

Have you tried charging it with it attached to your computer? What AC adapter are you using? A Garmin?

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I'am charging by using USB

I'am charging by using USB cable to my computer and also charging using a AC adapter and still getting that saying. I use both Garmin USB and AC adapter. But when I charging using the vehicle adapter then its work.


There are 2 connectors on the 360. The one on the side is for USB connection to the PC. The power connector is on the back of the unit. You install the bracket connector that clips on the bottom of the 360 and has the socket for the window mount. This clip inserts into the power connector, you then insert the power cable, car or USB or AC into that connector. See page 3 of the manual.

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