Space Shuttle viewing locations


There is a launch for tomorrow around 9:30PM from the Kennedy Space Center. I live in Hollywood FL and would like to drive to a location to see the launch. I don't want to drive all the way up to view. I am looking for a location that would be about 2 hours from me and would have a view. A local park on the beach or a parking lot would work. I am told that you can see the flame from far away. That would be good for me.

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Flame? No Problem


It was years ago but one night I was returning home to Stuart from Miami when a Shuttle launched. I could see the flame very clearly and I was all the way down in Jupiter (on the turnpike). As long as you're in a fairly dark area with an unobstructed view toward the cape (hope for a cloudless night) you're good to go.

I understand there's nothing comparable to being close enough to feel the rumble and hear the roar of the launch though. If you're already close you might want to make the effort before the Shuttle fleet is retired next year.


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Space Shuttle Viewing Locations

I know of the Space View Park in Titusville. I haven't been there yet. You probably have to get there early otherwise it will be full.
Here is the link:

The coordinates are -80.805578, 28.613518

Here's what it says on the website:
"The best spot in Titusville to witness a shuttle launch!

* Live NASA Select Countdown
* Television Coverage of launch
* Restrooms
* Souvenirs available
* No admission or parking fees"

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Anywhere near Cocoa Beach would be good...I was 30 miles west at the Embassey Suite Airport on one of the night laucnes and it looked like a nuclear bomb going off it was so BRIGHT !

ENJOY I am jealous !

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Shuttle Launch

My son just moved to Melbourne, FL in 2008, and we went to see the launch in November. We got to Titusville area about 4- the launch was at 8 PM. We could not even get close to the Space View Park because of the traffic, so we settled on a small pay parking lot for $20. It was next to the water and a good view of the Space center. We were still about 10 miles south of the Space park. By 7 PM every space on the street or land that you could park a vehicle or stand, was taken. It was an unbelievable circus. I cannot even imagine what the Space View Park was like. The night launch made the wait worthwhile and will be a memory to last. I was back in CA when it landed at Edwards 10 days later.

Anyplace close to highway 95, you will be able to see the flames. Enjoy

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"NASA managers will meet again Thursday at 4 p.m. to assess the troubleshooting plan. Liftoff on March 15 would be at 7:43 p.m. EDT."

I guess that you have to live nearby to be available to go quickly. I have plans for Thursday night. Maybe the next one.

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You guys are lucky to get to

You guys are lucky to get to see it!