New to the site


Hey what a great site. Loads of info and easy to use. Thanks to all who have worked on, posted on and gave ideas here. I have breathed some new life into my Nuvi!

Welcome, keep coming back

Welcome, keep coming back and you will be amazed at what you learn here!

I tripped going up the escalator and I fell for an hour and a half!

most important have fun

most important have fun

welcome siggydo

Welcome and enjoy the site.Lots of great information on this site that will keep you coming back for more and more information. Also great people here with tons of knowledge and always willing to help ... grin
Garmin Nuvi, 750

Garmin nuvi,750

Glad your here!

Start reading gettting started and faq on the top of every page. When you are stuck on something, just ask.

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Welcome to the site.Check

Welcome to the site.Check out all the free pois you can download.

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Welcome to the site, it is nice to have you with us.

Miss POI

Welcome siggydo...

Hi siggydo,

Welcome to our ever-growing family...



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Welcome to the site, siggydo!

Where'd you get the picture of me?

I'm sure you'll find great files and helpful people here as I have.

Funny no one put me on this sight

So sad. Anyway just need looooots of help, and a new keyboard. All advice appreciated, but just be decent. I will learn??? Heck, Im talking to myself already, give me a break

Always in need of help with my Garmin 265w gps, and downloading on a Imac Leapard. Thanks always. Soon my Grandaughter will help me, but until then?????

Yes, Welcome!

It's always nice to see more people on the site - posting, chatting, contributing, etc.

Justadad56 - welcome to you also! (even if you've been a member for several months already...)

And now, back to your regularly scheduled forum - already in progress . . .


You will enjoy this site.

Thanks all!

Thanks all!

Enjoy the community

Enjoy yourself and hope to see you input soon.

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This is a great site. You will be amazed at how much you will learn. Who would have thought that a GPSr could be so much fun!

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Welcome aboard! You'll find a lot of information on the site

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you are gonna love it here

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Great site

This is a great site and you will learn alot. you will also become addicted to it like most of us are.

Great Site

An addiction.. oh so that explains a lot. I often wondered why I keep coming back!



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