South Korea (ROK) POI's Project Discussion


I am routinely uploading a South Korea .gpx file. It has interesting POIs not already loaded on the Garmin Korea v7 database. There are only a handful of points, but I know there are quite a few of us running around the ROK with GPSs.

So, please add any content you feel would be useful or interesting -- anything from resorts, sightseeing locales, campsights, good shopping, etc, etc.

The files are located under the "Projects" POI file category. Version 4 just posted.

POI Files

Carry the Torch???

I am due to leave Korea in a few months, but would like to keep the POI database alive especially as more and more people travel throughout the ROK with GPS's.

If you would like to host the ROK POI database (really equates to updating the file once in a while) please let me know; you can also email me at



I want to know how I can put

I want to know how I can put your download map for me.

Korea (ROK) POI

I hope someone steps forward. Your file was helpfull in locating the Bases that have visitor billeting to add to an OCONUS Billeting POI file. I was last in the ROK around 93 and it appears the bases have changed a lot.
Thanks for your help.

Using the Files

You can download the S Korea POIs (rswayz).gpx at and then use them in programs like GoogleEarth or Garmin MapSource.
Since there are many different GPS programs, I can only talk to mine specifically: I have a Gramin nuvi 200W which interfaces with the Garmin MapSource program. After downloading the .gpx file, I can plug the GPS into my computer and transfer the waypoints into it.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Dave. If nothing else, hopefully this site will stay here where I can occasionally monitor it from the states. Thanks for your feedback,


Seoul VPC Location Change

I learned last week (when shipping my car off the ROK) that the Seoul VPC has changed to Camp Kim. I have updated the POI .gpx file with the new coord's. Sorry if I led anyone astray to the old VPC.



Where to next?

South Korea Speed Cameras...

Would anyone have a DB/CSV/POI file for (South) Korean Speed Cameras?

Thank you

Thank you for this upload as I am planning to visit South Korea i think this POI will be helpful. Keep updating it.

Korean Markets in U.S. POI

I uploaded this last night so it may not post for a while, it has just over 200 markets. I thought it may be needed by some to have this.

As these things come and go please help me maintain the list if you see one close or pop up. Enjoy the shopping.


This is good to hear--will be looking for it (I did see the list of H-Mart/Han Ah Reum stores, but it also helps to have a list of other chains like Lotte and some of the smaller local groceries. If you missed the smaller groceries here, by the way, I'll be glad to shoot additions/corrections your way.)

Work in progress

By no means is this finished. But can't wait to see it be used and expanded.

Speed Cameras & 45 addition

Hello Everyone,

I am stationed in Daegu and I am wondering if anyone has an updated speed camera file since July 2010 and if there is a file that has the new highways like 45's addition on it.

Thanks in advance and I am going to start posting fishing locations.

ROK POI's on google maps

I took this file and created a google map of it that anyone can update. It's been updated by a bunch of people who are using it. It's easy to update, and easy to convert the KML you can download to a POI file for any GPS. I haven't been able to find a traffic cam file yet, and I really like to get a copy if any one has one. There's a machine it the Hi-Pass office that looks like it sells gps camera location updates, but I didn't get to check it out.

the map:

edit: I f'd up the link. should work now.

Late to the party...

We've been going back and forth between US and South Korea for years, managing an apartment building at the edge of Itaewon (ObSpam:

I've found the native Korean GPS receivers are pretty good at spotting the speed cameras. Not tough for an expat to operate once you have someone show you which button does what. The Korean alphabet is not difficult - you can learn it well enough in a couple of days. Learning how English things are transliterated can be more work, i.e. Costco -> Koh-su-tu-ko. smile But some of the better ones do accept Roman input. And the one we have can navigate by phone number or even subway station. What's nice is that the Korean GPS receivers will also warn you of parking cameras. For those not familiar, some roadways have cameras not to watch speed but to identify illegal parking. You get a summons in the mail.

Keeping a Korean GPS current probably requires the help of someone fluent in Korean though. And admittedly I would not have the vaguest idea how to upload POI files or even if it is possible.

I'll try to add some expat -oriented things to the Google map soon. Off the top of my head, I think Suji's deli restaurant in Itaewon surely warrants representation. Should also add more E-Mart locations. Also important would be Seoul Global Center, gu (district) offices such as in Yongsan, more major hospitals like Seoul University, etc.

And FWIW for mapping, directions, etc. we get a lot of use out of the following links: