Kenwood DNX7100 Map updates


I have a Kenwood DNX7100 and I need to update the MAPS to the latest version. The Garmin Website only lists the SD card as an option, but this is pricey! I'd really like to be able to use the Citynavigator CD.

Two questions for forumers:

Has anyone successfully upgraded the maps in a DNX7100 using the CITYNAVIGATOR CD, and if so can they explain how to do it?

Are the Kenwood units able to participate in the Nuforlife program?

All comments greatly appreceated


The only way to do it on that unit is with the SD card.

That unit is not eligible for the nuMaps Lifetime maps option.

yes the kenwood can be

yes the kenwood can be updated with a cd. the device ID you must enter for any SD card is the one you will find in the software info on the kenwood.

In the simplest of terms, upload the city navigator cd to your computer. connect your device. The device is actually an sd card, thru a reader or whatever you have. use the device id for your kenwood for the card. Toss whatever maps you want on the sd card. Pop the card into the kenwood SD card reader. (hold the eject button down longer to access it)

The unit will reboot and just read the data right off the card. Just set it and forget it. grin

Don't forget the firmware updates too

Garmin navigation firmware for DNX7100 v.2.70:

Kenwood's unit firmware for the DNX7100 v.1.0.9, if you didn't already do it (fixes iPod and satellite radio bugs):

And if you use the KCA-BT200 bluetooth module, firmware v.1.70 is the latest:


Has anybody installed different voices into the DNX7100? I think it would be cool to her an Aussie chick giving turn by turn directions. wink

Thanks for the Update

Thanks for the update! I'll be puechasing the CD today, and try it out.

Has anyone tried this?I was

Has anyone tried this?

I was thinking about giving it a shot by buying the nuMaps Lifetime and trying to put it on an SD card.

I've noticed that the nuMaps compatibility list has increased (it used to be just later Nuvis and a Zumo or two and now includes the GPSMap 60CSx and StreetPilot 2820). Anyway, I'd figure that if it works with the 2820, for example, that it'd most likely work with the 2730, even though its not listed. I tend to think it'd be the same for the Kenwoods.

The only thing I can think of that may get in the way is that the last time I downloaded and applied the update for my old StreetPilot (now sold) I seem to remember it wanting me to actually plug the unit in. If that's the case I may be able to get it to recognize the SD card or I may have to do something else (I read a post about someone trying to get maps loaded onto a StreetPilot C330 and they had to pull over some Garmin firmware file to the SD card).

I'm hoping that you can just install the map to the SD card, use the serial number to link it all up / unlock the maps and the Kenwood would just recognize it the next time it booted up. I'm tending to think that they push Kenwood folks to the pre-made SD cards mainly because it limits phone calls to Garmin (so they don't have to explain how to download maps to an SD card but, instead, just say, "Plug it in").

-- Edit --

After getting home I poked around and remembered that I had to install my CNNT2009 straight to the device (the Garmin site was looking for one if it's deviced before even allowing the download) so maybe they've locked us out from doing this.

thats a bummer. oh well, i

thats a bummer. oh well, i guess grabbing the disc from costco is the best and cheapest option for updating a kenwood.

I have the Kenwood and a

I have the Kenwood and a 60CSx. The 60CSx is listed on the nuMaps lifetime page. I'll buy the lifetime update and at least give it a shot on the Kenwood. If it doesn't work then I'll just use it on the 60CSx.

I'd bet that if you have a wireless connection and a USB cable hooked up to the back that you could make the nuMaps happen with the laptop. It just seems like it'd be silly for Garmin to put a NO_KENWOOD check in their code.

nuforlife not available

Well I just got a reply from the Garmin people, and as expected, on of their most expensive units doesnt qualify for the program! So I guess its back to just updating the unit from the DISK.

The Saga continues

So I went down to the local outlet and purchased garmin Map update 2009. Out the box it doesn't install because it wants the Garmin device USB connected. The SD card is not recognized. But I'm resourceful, I managed to get the MAPSOURCE and MAPINSTALL programs installed, but now of course I need to get the UNLOCK code from Garmin so I can use the maps.

For the DNX7100, to get the Unlock code you need the device serial no, the Product key and something called a "validation code" which is a 4 digit code. The first two I have, but scounging around in other forums I've found that the "validation code" is displayed on the unit when you first place the SD card (or DISK for some kenwood units) in the kenwood unit. So now i'm in a catch 22 situation. I cant get the validation code because I need the Maps on the SD card, and I cant create the SD card, because I dont have the validation code. Sigh, I updated my TomTOM Go720 today, with the latest maps and a 1 year subscription, all for about the same price as the disk cost me, and it was all so easy. I was done in under an hour.

Any sugestions anyone (other than the obvious that is).

Each year Garmin makes it

Each year Garmin makes it harder and harder to update their maps. I really like the product but all of the automated/connect your GPS crap annoys me.

In the past when I've updated my GPSs (haven't done the Kenwood yet but have done a StreetPilot and a 60CSx) I could just install the maps and then use MapSource to download into the unit. For 2009 they made it harder by requiring the unit be plugged in in order to install the maps.

Before they made it that way I remember having to enter the serial number of the GPS into the 'Unlock Maps' program or on their website to get the 'Unlock Code'. Sometimes there were unlock codes on the CD (like a green sticker with a 7-ish character code that you had to give to the website or unlock software). I don't ever remember a validation code, though.

For your situation, I'd give Garmin a call and say, "Hey - what's up with this - I just want to install your maps to my Garmin device!" Usually they're pretty helpful.

I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and buy their silly SD card for my Kenwood. It seems like I'd otherwise be spending time trying to figure it out which would be a pain.

I still bet that if you had a laptop and maybe a cord running out to your garage to power it that you could do it through the USB port on the back but (maybe not updating the maps but getting the proper authorization and then pointing the software to the SD card), but, again, this for me would be a huge page compared to 'just buy the SD Card'.

So, I'll buy the SD Card and, after a year, I'll put it up on eBay and sell it for 1/2 price or something and then get the newer card.

Still wish I could use the nuMaps Lifetime, though.

Final thoughts

Well I spoke to Garmin this morning, after waiting for 1/2 hour, only to be told that the only way is to use the special kenwood SD card (4 to 6 weeks delivery). Someone spoke about Garmin making it dificult to upgrade, well for the Kenwood they've made it nearly impossible!

So basically I wasted my money, but it was worth the try, because I'm not going to update to the 2009 maps, I'll now wait for the 2010 maps


I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that only discover what we said at the beginning of the adventure.


Well theres nothing like someone telling me it cant be done , and then I told you so, to make me more determined to get it DONE!

I have now successfully updated my DNX7100 using the MAPUPDATE 2009 disk that I purchased, and I did it using legal procedures!
My next step is to get on tne Nuforlife scheme, we'll see how that goes.

I realize that this may not be the right forum for this, but I like this forum and theres a lot of people who do a lot of good work here. So if anyone would like the procedure I used I'll be happy to share them with you. Just contact me through the website. And While I'm about it, thanks Miss Poi for maintaining this website

Just a heads up on things

Just a heads up on things I've been able to do via the USB port (mini-B) on the back of my Kenwood DNX8120:
- update FM Traffic receiver via Web Updater
- update voices via Web Updater
- load vehicles. Using web-site IE plugin didn't work (even though it said it did). Putting the Kenwood into USB Mass Storage Mode and the copying the vehicles over to the vehicles directory on the unit did work.

Loading voices, either by the IE plugin or by just copying the voices over to the voices directory did not work.

Also, at least for my DNX8120, it looks like there's 2GB of space for maps, voices, POIs, vehicles, etc.


I'm curious about the vehicles directory, did you create it or was it already there. My DNX7100 only has vioces and poi directories.

It was already there loaded

It was already there loaded with about 1/2 dozen vehicles. I threw about 110 vehicles into it and it picked them all up.

I was kind of surprised the voice file wasn't recognized. I could see all the other voice files but the DrGraveyard (I think that's right) was never recognized.

It didn't update the Firmware in the unit but that is because the latest was already installed.

Update: I tried applying the

Update: I tried applying the numaps this afternoon.

It recognized the unit, checked the maps on the unit, and said: you already have the current maps.

It then shows on a separate page that I can still associate the numaps Lifetime with my other GPS.

This doesn't yet say, "No, this won't work," but it doesn't definitely say, "Yes, this will work," so I guess I need to wait for the 2010 update before going further. I was figuring that it'd either just associate the numaps with the Kenwood or flat out tell me: You can't do this.

Keep us posted when the new

Keep us posted when the new maps come out. Seems to me they Garmin really want to fleece the high end users!

Does not work

It does not work. It did the same thing to me this morning that it did the other day: "Your maps are up to date".

Plugged my 60CSx in and it recognized it and started downloading.

Update Kenwood DNX-7100 - Instructions

Hey, Please send instructions, maps and any other information on how you were able to update your DNX-7100. I am struggling with the same issues you started with.
Thank You.


I would like some info

Hi i saw your post and i have a dnx7100 i bought in 2006/07 and have never touched the firmware nor the maps. I saw your post and was interested in the steps for the 2009 map updates. If u could help email is

Update Instructions

I've included the instructions below for everyone to see.

Updating the Kenwood DNX7100 with new Map updates

At the outset let me say that these procedures, worked for my unit, but are not guaranteed to work for everyone, in other words my disclaimer “Use these instructions at your own risk!” I used no back-door software, and everything follows the “legal” procedures even though the access to the DNX is not documented. However, should there be problems I’m sure that Garmin will not offer any support. So be careful, and if you’re not happy about anything don’t continue. Until you get to the very last Bullet below you can stop the process, but afterthat you’re committed, so please make a backup ( the optional section). You will need a Laptop with WIFII internet connection during the upgrade.

• Firstly obtain a mini USB 5 pin Male to standard USB male cable. I got mine at Fry's

• Plug the mini USB cable into the mini USB plug at the back of the DNX7100. This is the plug for connecting GXM30 XM satellite receiver. See your DNX7100 manual for the location of this plug.

• Go to this link to obtain the latest Garmin USB drivers. Follow the procedures to have the USB drivers installed.

• Make sure you have power for your LAPTOP, or lug your desktop computer out to the garage. Also make sure that you have the car running and the DNX7100 set up on the NAV screens before you start the procedures.

• Connect the USB cable from the first step to your laptop. At this point the DNX will tell you that a USB connection has been detected, and give you two choices… Garmin mode or Mass storage mode.

• This next step is optional but highly recommended.

• Choose Mass storage, and then go to your windows explorer, and copy all the map files in the Garmin folder for the DNX7100 to your computer. That is all the .img files. One of them is 1gb and takes about 29 minutes to transfer. Take the wait!

• Once you have copied the files remove the the USB cable wait a second or two and reinsert it. Now choose Garmin mode on the DNX7100.

• Insert the Map update 2009 disk, and follow the prompts. This is a long process Probably about 2 hours, hence the reason to ensure that you have power to the laptop and the car running for the DNX7100. Tune the radio into your favorite station and prepare for a long ride!

• Once the download process starts to the Unit you see a blue screen on the DNX and the words Transferring data. From here to end of the download do not disturb anything!

Sounds scary... and right

Sounds scary... and right on the line of legal and circumventing the Kenwood Software.

that being said, there are way more illegal ways to update the maps on the 7100 that are much less risky and as easy as slipping an SD card into the unit. so i am sure Kenwood prefers your way if they had a choice.

No need for the Kenwood branded card from Garmin

Just so you folks know.

I ordered the Garmin City Navigator NT 2010 SD Card from GPS City. It came yesterday. I plugged it into my Kenwood/Garmin head unit (DNX8120) in my car and it worked flawlessly.

You don't need the 'Kenwood branded' SD Card from Garmin.

Branded Card

So do you have to keep the card in SD slot all the time or did it update the base maps?

You have to keep the card in

You have to keep the card in all the time. This doesn't bother me in that it's an easy way to update the maps. My Custom POIs were still there (copied to internal memory).

I would have preferred the nuMaps Lifetime, strictly based on cost (one time fee) but this was really easy.

I sent the comment I made here to GPSCity and apparently it only works for some people. Their response:



Thank you for your email.

Thank you Brad for letting us know. I have had a few customers try this and it does not work, so I am thinking it may work with some Kenwood units and it won't work some.

Again, thank you Brad and have a nice day.

I was surprised by this. It still seems odd that -sometimes- Garmin doesn't use their normal map format in their units. You'd think that they wouldn't care and the Kenwood maps would just be re-labeled to satisfy some Kenwood contract.

Can Kenwood DNX-7120 Map Be Downgraded?

I find that my map will not show all the street names in my immediate area. However when I scroll the map or stop the car for a while they all appear. Is there a way to downgrade my map to a previous version? Doing a bit of research on forums leads me to believe a prior map version might solve my problem.

Not sure what I want to do.

My GPS unit keep reminding me that I need to get a map update.
Went to Keenwood and this is what I found below. Do I need to keep this card in the slot all the time or does it upload to the unit?

City Navigator® North America NT SD data card - Kenwood
Part Number: 010-10679-11
Suggested Retail Price: $ 99.99 USD (GPSCITY $83.95 USD)
Normally ships in 1 - 3 business days

Item: SD data card, City Navigator NT, North America 2009-Kenwood

PS...I got lost a few days ago, because it had me where there were no streets shown. Time to do something or wait for 2010!


wow very INFORMATIVE POST does this info apply to the dnx 5140 as well??


alexulan wrote:

wow very INFORMATIVE POST does this info apply to the dnx 5140 as well??

If you're referring to the instructions for updating the DNX7100, I dont think so. As far as I know the DNX5140 uses CD to update the base maps

dnx7100 update

i would love to know how you did this!

City Navigator North America NT 2010.30

I was able to update my Kenwood DNX7100 internal map to the latest available for North America, 2010.30 as of 01/03/20010.

I first purchased the DVD version of Mapsorce City Navigator North America NT.

This installed Mapsorce to my computer and updated the DNX7100. It would not update the internal memory but it did copy the map to a 2gb SD card installed in the unit. This put the map to 2010.10

After I registered the map with Garmin the Garmin site showed there was a free downloadable update available. I downloaded the update and ran the program which updated the internal memory of the DNX7100, not the SD card, to my surprise. It also added the new map to Mapsorce on my computer. During this portion of the update I had removed the SD card.

This was all done using a USB cable hooked up to the rear XM antenna USB port.

SD card location

So when you ran the 2010.10 update, you had the 2gb SD card inserted into the DNX7100, and the update process updated it there, or did you first create the 2gb Card on on you computer?

2011.10 maps need firmware update.

Carnivore wrote:

Garmin navigation firmware for DNX7100 v.2.70:

Kenwood's unit firmware for the DNX7100 v.1.0.9, if you didn't already do it (fixes iPod and satellite radio bugs):

And if you use the KCA-BT200 bluetooth module, firmware v.1.70 is the latest:


Has anybody installed different voices into the DNX7100? I think it would be cool to her an Aussie chick giving turn by turn directions. wink

I installed the 2011.10 maps and had to update the garmin navigation firmware on my kenwood to use it. otherwise the unit would constantly reboot the nav program when ever the SD card with the maps was inserted.

I have installed some

I have installed some different voices, by using the web updater. You have to be careful to select computer generated voices though, otherwise you lose the street names and only get trun left turn right.

I assume this is done the

I assume this is done the same way as hooking up thru the usb on the back?

Can we update the junction settings this way?

Yes its done using the USB

Yes its done using the USB connector for the GXM30. Theres a few other nice features that can be used by connecting this way. Like being able to download favourites that I've created to Mapsource and then create Custom POI's from them.

I'm not sure what junction settings are?

I thought i had read that

I thought i had read that the new map updates were also programming new junction settings into the garmins aswell as updating the maps.

Very similar to lane assist. Instead of "keep right" it tells you to get in the 2nd right lane etc.

Dunno if maybe it was just wishful thinking from a fellow poster.

My DNX7100 doesn't even have

My DNX7100 doesn't even have lane assist, and I doubt it ever will. sigh

I posted in wrong forum

Please ignore.... Posted in wrong forum

Terry See Where I Am...


How do you know it is using those maps and not the old installed maps? I went to settings, where you see the install maps and it still 2008?

dnx7100 maps

I would like to know the procedure you used i realize this is an old post but if you still have it....


A solution

I know this is old, but I recently bought a vehicle with a DNX7100 and have found a solution that I thought I would share for anyone else in the same boat. What I found is that the older version of the Garmin software that was installed when I bought the vehicle did not support SDHC SD cards, or SD cards over 2GB. When I tried with a 4GB SDHC card the Garmin just froze. This the SD card I ended up buying:

These are the steps I took to install updated maps on my DNX7100:

1) Update the Kenwood DNX7100 software to 1.09. This was pretty straight-forward.

Basically, go to and download the update file. After extracting it, there will be instructions in a pdf to load the file onto the top level of a flash drive, plug it in to your the DNX7100 go to Setup, then About and click on Update Software. Quick and easy.

2) Update the Garmin software on the DNX7100. This is where I had trouble to start and when I figured out I had to buy an SD card that is not SDHC and is 2GB or less, as mentioned above.

Download the Garmin update from

It will ask you to extract the zip file, and then place it in a folder named "Garmin" on the SD card. Once that is done, you stick the SD card into the Kenwood and it updates. The instructions say it will ask you if you want to update... but I never got that prompt, it just updated automatically, and it was almost instantaneous. You can make sure the update was successful when the Kenwood is starting up. It should say Base Maps Americas 3.0 (not 1.x or 2.x or anything else) or something like that. Once this is done, you should be able to use any SD card -- whether it be HC or larger than 2GB. And now you can update maps.

3) Update maps. I did so by using OpenStreetMap. Basically, you will have a map file that ends in ".img". You place this file on the SD card in a folder that you create called "Garmin". Then you insert the SD card and the DNX7100 will automatically start using that map. I have seen where there are Garmin SD cards with updated maps on Amazon, so I am sure you can use those as well.