Maestro 3200 $59.99 & Free Shipping at


Entry level GPS buy you can't beat $59.99 with free shipping for a new unit.

Magellan Maestro 3225 at

I looked at that 3200 model when I was first interested in a GPS for my car but for only a few dollars more I got a refurbished 3225 at Amazon that had maps of the entire US, plus Canada and Puerto Rico, and it included text to speech. I didn't know how badly I wanted the text to speech but now that I have it and have used it a bit, I wouldn't want to go without it. I can be in traffic, keeping my eyes on the road and other cars and it tells me when I need to prepare for a turn and the name of the street to watch for so I don't turn onto the wrong one when there are more than one choice at the intersection.


I ordered the 3200 from - looks like with a little work I can get 6 million POI's and possibly MioPocket running on it. Should be fun to tinker with and cheap if I brick it.