Newbie asks again:


I have a NUVI 760, my computer has Vista and I use Internet Explorer. Last week for the very first time I downloaded/installed the Garmin POI Loader s/w plus I downloaded/installed the Redlight & Speed camera POI's from POI Factory.
Here are my questions:
1. Where do you suggest I store POI files on my computer? Should I create a folder under Documents and call it, say, Garmin POI's and then download all POI's to that folder? Or should there be a separate folder for each POI? If a single folder to hold all POI's would work then that seems like the simplest way to go. What do you folks suggest/do?
2. Say that I have loaded 4 POI files on my GPS; Redlight, Speed, Campgrounds1, and Campgrounds2. Redlight and Speed should be updated frequently. The Campgrounds1 & Campgrounds2 (I made up these names)would not need to be updated very often. When I go to update the files on the GPS do I need to upload just the Redlight and Speed POI files? Or do I need to upload(reinstall) each and every POI file everytime I update?
I hope I am making my questions clear.

One directory

Garmin's loader just searches for one directory, so you can simply keep all the poi files in there to keep things simple.

As for the updating, Garmin always delete existing loaded POI files, then load whatever you wish from the source directory into the GPS. You should just keep latest versions in that directory.

The loading process is very quick, so having many files shouldn't become an issue.

Re:Newbie asks again:


Bad thing about Garmin POI's is that if all the .cvs files are in one folder, then you will get one large file in your Garmin.

Best to create a separate folder under C: (named POIs [or whatever]) and create sub-folders under that to hold each category.

Rename each POI file you create on the Garmin, after you create it. My Garmin names it poi.gpi and it will be over-written if you do not rename it.

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You will find after you have

You will find after you have downloaded a lot of files that is easier to use subfolder so you can develop categories.See

You may want to look at this thread using the renaming method for files not requiring updating that often.

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I keep it simple

I keep all my csv files in one POI folder.

You can rename poi.gpi file to keep from having to reload each time, but I think it is easier to just reload all csv files when updating.

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If you plan to download a

If you plan to download a lot of custom poi files and use the one folder you may want to review this post

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Subfolders are good

After experimenting with subfolders, I agree that this is simpler.

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