POI Factory recognizes its top contributors of 2008


When I researched the COY awards for this year, these are some of the facts and figures I looked at. I looked at many different things in addition to these numbers. I looked at the quality, time and energy put into each project and that is how I came to my decision of Motorcycle Mama and ScottK.

The following members had activity in each and every week of 2008:
John C
Mike L
Don B

The following list reflects the top forum posters of 2008.
Motorcycle Mama (2434 Posts)
Bentbiker (1465 Posts)
Aophiuchus (1351 Posts)
Miss POI (1180 Posts)
BobDee (1123 Posts)
Charlesd45 (1031 Posts)
Gary A (847 Posts)
Asianfire AKA Chatty Charlie (830 Posts)
Hornbyp (812 Posts)
JohnC (663 Posts)

Here are the numbers for the top 10 POI File posters.
Don B 194 Files
Perrdom 114 Files
H Hannah 100 Files
Rick 2 84 Files
Werskine 66 Files
Space for the poppa 62 Files
ScottK 61 Files
Mahoney 60 Files
AJ500 53 Files
Mzrnva 46 Files

All of the above members have gone above and beyond and deserve recognition for their accomplishments.

Thanks for all that you do everyone.

Miss POI

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Good Company to be in

Miss POI: You do a great job herding the cats here - thanks for all you do.

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Those are interesting facts, Thanks for sharing with us Miss POI

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MANY THANKS TO ALL...Keep up the AWESOME JOB.... Bravo Zulu to everyone...


One and all.
Maryann, you do such a Good Job.
Jon, Great handle on the Software!

Your all awesome smile

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just looking at that list gives my hands a cramp - thanks to all for your hard work.


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There the best

As I read there names I have had the chance to get help from quite a few of them so thank you. Awsome job keep up the good work to all

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Thanks To All Of You

For making this a great site!

Outstanding Community


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to contribute here at POI.

This is one outstanding community.

Thank You

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Thanks Everyone

Just want to say thanks to everyone that takes the time to contribute in some way to the POI-Factory. This is a great web site to be associated with.


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Thanks, Miss POI

I know, I know...now I need to get another life! shock

Congrats to everyone! smile


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This life is just fine

Mike L. wrote:

I know, I know...now I need to get another life! shock

Congrats to everyone! smile


Nah, what better endeavor is there than to be a part of a community that looks out for one another? Don't get another life that takes you away from this community. laugh out loud


Congrads Goes Out To All For a fine Job

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Thanks for all the work you folks have done. Wow, 194 files in one year!



Good Job to everyone on the list

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Thanks to all for a great job.

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Great job everyone.


Thanks to all who make tis site what it is today. Miss POI, you have done a fantastic job of pulling it all ogether. Those in the top group - hats off to you - wow!!

Thank you...

... to everyone who contributed, and John and Miss POI for hosting such a great party!


great job

congratulations to all! you are an inspiration to the rest of us to continue contributing to this great site.


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Great Job All

Thanks for all your help and contributions.

No matter where you are "Life is Worth Living".


That's a lot of posting and reading! Time well spent.

Thank you all for your contributions and help.

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Just echoing the sentiments already expressed . . . thanks for making this a very special community.

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Not sure how I had more posts than Miss Poi

The updates to the poi's I maintain must count.. shock

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aophiuchus wrote:

The updates to the poi's I maintain must count.. shock

Nope, I usually sit back and let you guys do most of the talking so you can keep your windmills.

Miss POI


I sure talk a lot... shock

It is terrible to speak well and be wrong. -Sophocles snɥɔnıɥdoɐ aka ʎɹɐƃ

Less Is More

On most websites, that is usually the rule.

I'm generally of the opinion that when ones post count goes above 1 per day, ones posting privileges should be locked, until it drops below 1 per day:
Not so with this site.

You have the maintainers, and those who need maintaining (like me).

Good FAQ and 'how to' files.
If one is actually inclined to 'search', most all things discussed GPS/POI can be found here, and one can then usually go quietly (without even posting anything) about their lives.

Self moderation level here is very good.

Nicely maintained website in all regards.
(insert 'Thumbs Up' here)


Many thanks...

...to the posters, of course, but ESPECIALLY to all the folks who put so much time into maintaining POIs.

JMoo On


Thanks everyone, your work is appreciated!


Thanks for keeping this site great!