is there a new update to the life time maps



is there a mapupdate for life time maps? i can't download it again yet my nuvi broke and garmin had to replace it so now they are sending me a new code so they can trans my lifetime maps from my broken nuvi 5000 to my new nuvi 5000 its going to take a week to get it so i am stuck with 2009 maps and not the update

new nuvi 5000 and nuvi 200w
( lifetime maps )

2009 is as good as you get

You dont need an update..2009 is the newest maps out right now. They always ship a replacement unit with the most current far as I know.

Dave_ Nuvi 660 , 760,1490LMT Wooster, Ohio


the unit has 2009 and the life time maps are at 2009.11 and when i log on to my garmin it say there is an update to my maps

new nuvi 5000 & nuvi 200w
( lifetime maps )