Where to upload an HTML file


I have created an html file listing all the POI files on this site that directly concern Arizona - based on their title containing AZ, Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona, etc.. Each link is clickable to directly go to the proper POI file in the POI Factory.

Example of the first two lines:

Apache Trail near Phoenix (includes Globe)
but clickable to http://www.poi-factory.com/node/19577
Arizona Brew Pubs and Breweries
but clickable to http://www.poi-factory.com/node/1145

There are 60 links so far. If there is any interest, where can I upload such a file? It is not a POI file by itself and I can't find where else I can upload other file types.

In the process, I created an Excel tool that helps preparing such lists of POI files that contain any given group of words. So creating a list for say California wouldn't be long. Once I figure out where to upload these files, let me know if you want me to prepare other lists. The alphabetized list of our POI files has reach an unmanageable length now and finding what you want is time consuming. Unfortunately, this site's POI categories don't include a location based sorting (such as by State, or Region) which would allow users to focus on which files they're more immediately interested in carrying.

That seems like a great

That seems like a great idea.

There are some file sharing sites out there, like wikisend that you can use, and the place the link here.

Google docs is another place I think you could use to share.

http://www.poi-factory.com/node/21626 - red light cameras do not work

You could definitely upload

You could definitely upload the files to Google Docs, but you could also use Google Sites if you want to build up more of a structured web site around these files:


I meant: On this POI Factory site

Thank you for your suggestions. I meant to ask where on this POI Factory site could I upload this file and any future similar creation. It could be structured as a new page similar to one of the Project pages or the POI Categories pages, some kind of repository where "geographical" references to POI files can be built-up. I can see a list of States for example, each directing to a list of relevant POI files relevant to the State or the region.

Let's see if Miss POI has an answer one way or the other.

You Can't

You can't upload a file directly to the site. You can send Miss POI an email at photos@poi-factory.com and attach the file. Just explain what the attachment is and how you think it might be used.

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