connecting nuvi 350


Is it possible to connect my nuvi 350 to the audio system in my vehicle

Nuvi 350 to audio car's audio

There are two ways of doing this. If your vehicle happens to have an audio-input jack where one can plug-in an mp3 player, then one can also plug-in the Nuvi 350. An adaptor cord can be found at a local "Shack" electronics store or other similar venue. One end of the adapter plugs into the Nuvi's headphone jack, and the other end plugs into the vehicle's audio-input jack.

The other method is to get an mp3-player FM transmitter. They can be found at any store with an electronics department. The transmitter plugs into the headphone jack of the Nuvi and the signal is transmitted to the vehicles FM radio.

Either method seems to work rather well. I personally use the FM-transmitter mode on lengthy trips. Both methods result in having an additional dangling cord on the dash, but the improved audio is worth the effort.

Cassette Adapter

Also, and what I use, if your car radio/stereo has a cassette tape player, you can use an audio cassette adapter. I bought a Sony brand at Best Buy and it works great.

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Thank you for the quick

Thank you for the quick reply. I will get an adaptor cord and see how it works.

If you like adventure

these are also an option. I think they make a model for most cars.