That was interesting


I had occasion to use one of the POI files downloaded from this site today and got a long winded (and humorous) surprise. I knew there was an Albertson's market in the area but not exactly where so punched up the custom Albertson's POI. I chose the nearest and was immediately rewarded with instructions to: "Albertsons 451-9825 15660 North Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard". It took considerably longer for Karen to say it than for you to read it. When I was within a quarter mile she went through it again and on arrival again. And you were wondering how I know the phone number and address now? wink

Anyway, I'd never been treated to a destination and all other info before. It was entertaining....even if I was already inside the store by the time Karen finished telling me I'd arrived smile


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Gotta love that detail

POIers sure are thorough!

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kudos for the info

it's great to know that kind of additional info....thanks