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Please bear with me a baby user in this field of gpsing. I have a couple of questions, actually many but only 2 for now. (1) How does one convert a .gpx now to a .csv file to load with poi loader. (2) I know the phone does not work with a .csv file unless saved as a favorite, but does a .gpx work if you have a phone. and how do you edit that file to include the phone so it will show up as an icon.
Thanks for any help

GPX / POI Loader

1) Garmin's new POI Loader will read locations from GPX files, so you probably won't need to convert them to CSV. If you still have a need to convert from GPX to CSV, you could use GPS Babel or dNote Software's PoiEdit.

2) The new POI Loader 2.4.0 adds the ability to recognize specially formatted phone data in GPX files so that it can be automatically dialed over a Bluetooth phone connection.

Version 2.4.0 is still beta and has some quirks with how it handles the phone data. It seems settings in some of the other non-phone fields may prevent POI Loader from properly transferring the phone data. We're still working through these issues with the GPX download format from POI Factory's POI database.

Hornbyp (another user on this site) is building a GPX file editor. You can find more info on his web site at:



He beat me to it :-)


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