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Convert file from excel to .gpx


I downloaded the Civil War Battlefields for a Garmin It downloaded as an excel file. I don't know how to convert that file into something that can be used by my Garmin.

How do I convert an excel file?

This will explain how to load files into GPS

This will explain how to load files into GPS

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Convert file from excel to .gpx

You don't need to convert it use poiloader and it will load it for you. just save is as a then put it into your garmin or what every you named the folder then tell poiloader to look at that folder and it will do the rest. Also if you haven't read the FAQ about how to create and load poi's I would take the time to read as there is a very good discription on how to do it all there. Good Luck

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Thank you. That worked. Is

Thank you. That worked.

Is there a way to send the POI so they can be seen in Mapsource?


In order to view Custom POI files in MapSource, they need to be converted to GPX format. Then you can open each one directly in MapSource.


ajayhawkfan wrote:

Thank you. That worked.

Is there a way to send the POI so they can be seen in Mapsource?

Once you have loaded the csv file into your gps, simply load the file from your gps into MapSource.

Open MapSource, then click on the button that says "Receive from Device". It's a little picture of a gps with an up arrow.

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The "Receive From Device" function in MapSource will retrieve Tracks, Routes and Waypoints/Favorites.

It will not retrieve Custom POIs unfortunately.

Simple way

I use this if I want to convert a file from csv to gpx or vice versa. Another program that I would highly recommend is GeePeeEx from Phil. It has helped me make files faster and more reliable.


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