Search built-in POIs Bug?


I discovered that searching built-in POIs for the Fuel category also returns Convenience Stores mixed into the results.

For the stores returned in the Fuel search, Mapsource shows their category as "Shopping", and sub-category as "Convenience". Perhaps Garmin thinks food from 7-Eleven stores will also give you gas? grin

Tested with Nuvi 680, 2009 City Navigator NT North America maps, 4.70 firmware and also Nuvi 650, 2008 City Navigator NT North America maps, 4.70 firmware.

I recently upgraded to the 4.70 firmware (which changed POI search) and can't recall seeing mixed results prior to the upgrade.

Has anyone seen this "feature" on other units/maps/firmware?

Nüvi 2595LMT

Convenience Stores/Gas Bars

Did you check any of the listed convenience stores to ensure that they didn't sell gas as well. So many do that I wouldn't be surprised to see them on a fuel list.

John Nuvi 750 765T Winnipeg, MB


I would contribute this to be an outdated mapping/POI issue rather than a unit firmware search issue. For years (maybe 5-10 years ago?), almost 7-Eleven stores also sold gas. However, I have yet to see one with gas pumps fairly recently.

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gas pumps

i know we have aleast 5, 7-elevens with gas pumps in the Dallas tx area

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Yes, I've some 7-11 stores around here that used to sell fuel (but don't anymore) still showing up under the Fuel category.

But I would also venture a guess that the vast majority of convenience stores around here do have fuel pumps.

DFW 7-Elevens

Most of the 7-elevens in the suburbs of Dallas DO have gas pumps. It's possible some that are located within the actual city of Dallas don't because of space. The ones that I've seen without them are built on lots where there's no room for pumps.
We just had a new one open Nov 1st and it's got pumps (it's in the outskirts of Dallas).