New Magellan Maestro 4350 Review


Magellan Maestro 4350

The demo that comes with this unit is annoying. Every time the unit is idle the demo starts up - like a screen saver on a computer. Because this demo is useless - It's telling me what this unit can do - I know that, that's why I bought it. What would be useful is a demo on how to do it, not what it can do.
I found the demo in the folder and would like to trash it but I'm wondering if that will screw something else up? Any help out there or other irritations with this particular unit.

Demo Off Mode

Click on settings, scroll down to product info, click on that and look at the very lower right hand corner and there's a demo button, click on that and off you go...P.S. How do you like your 4350? Love mine, be sure to get the latest firmware. Drove To Phx this weekend and worked great.

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045