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I have a question regarding alerts. I have an Nuvi 850 and have installed several POI's from this site. They work as I can navigate to them and also they sound the alert if I am on the same road. My question is if I am on I-69 and going along the alerts do not sound for the "McDonalds, hotels or anything else that may only be 1/4 mile from the Interstate. Do POI's such as these not have a circular alert, say if you set your alert at 5000 ft and you pass within 1/2 mile of your POI. Is there a way to do this. Thanks indyjkraft


Do a search for "TourGuide".

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Try this link

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See if this thread answers your questions:-


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just got it

Now how to use it


Radius Alert (via TourGuide)

Here's the link to the instructions I followed, except I used a .wav file for my nuvi 265WT. (no MP3 support)

I set up a 5 mile radius alert for all the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's. It says "Maybe we should go to (store name)". I can't wait until it says that next time we drive by... "can't ignore the GPS, honey".