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You can check to see if you have the same problem:

I bought a brand new C330 from Amazon on July 2006. The unit works very well when i´m in the us using the preloaded maps. The problem is that the unit seens to be not recognizing any SD card inserted on it. Just bought from Amazon 7 days ago a fresh copy of Mapsource European navigator version 8 DVD, unlocked the product with success, used a card reader to program the card (it´s impossible to use the unit to tranfer the maps to the SD card) and nothing happens. I´m going to europe, i spent a lot of money and nothing happens. There are no information at all at garmin´s web site on how to use a diferent mapset in the unit´s sd card slot, in the product manual, nothing. I have the lastest firmware version installed (5.30). Using the diagnostic screen i can see that the unit is not detecting the SD card ("no card inserted"). tried to use different card size, tried to transfer just a few maps, tried to format again the card but nothing happens. I was in NYC this monday and inserted the card preprogramed with the map of Lyon (France) on a Best Buy´s c330 display unit and also a Nuvi. They both startup with the message "cannot unlock maps". Of course they can´t because i unlocked the mapsource software to my gps serial number. But this message shows that these units are working well. When i entered the diagnostic page in the Best Buy unit it does recgonize the SD card (size, etc, etc.). I saw on the internet people talking about problems to load POI´s to C330 SD cards. I´m starting to figure out that Garmin sold many many units with defective SD card interface or firmware or just the slot but no hardware interface at all. It seen an absurd to me, it seens unbelivable. Does anybody know something about this issue?

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Like most people who purchased a C330, I've had nothing but trouble. After an exhausting argument with their customer service people, I received a free SD Nav card from them. Unfortunately, I had already purchased the DVD version. The Navteq SD card was not recognized by my C330 (I finally ended-up following dark153's advice with 100% success -- thanks dark).

Garmin should be pulling the C330 from the shelves, it is plagued with problems. Go with the Nuvi line, they are far better (and superior, in my opinion, to the other leading brands).

If you do buy one, don't by the updated maps (the unit will come with a 2 year old map). Argue with them until you are blue in the face and demand the map upgrade (don't take any of their canned responses). As a consumer, it is reasonable for you to expect the maps are up-to-date (NB: they provide free map updates for their new models).


I think that the c330 is a good GPS, look on this site the amount of user's for this GPS. If you had trouble this is too bad.
You say (Like most people who purchased a C330) I dont think you are right on this one.

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Most people have had great experiences with their c330 units.


the diagnostics screen is on the where to? screen i think(i dont have it in front of me right now)but push the upper right screen where the time is for about 5-10 secs and itll pop up.not sur about the other problem,i havent had issues with loading maps onto my sd card yet

You can't use the unit as a reader/writer

TessRYM wrote:

I am so glad I've finally found this area!
It sure seems like there are many experienced users of the c330 here.

First thing - I didn't know about the diagnostic screen - and even now that I've read about it, I cannot get it to pop up. There is either a band across the top of the screen that says "ready to navigate" or "GPS is off" If I press on the right corner of that band, nothing happens. If I press right below that where the + sign is, again - nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

I've been very happy with the c330 so far. Before this I had a Garmin unit (back in 2000) that just showed an arrow pointing in the direction you needed to go. At that time, I bought the Mapsource cd for "Europe Roads and Recreation version 4"
We used it quite a bit and it was just enough help to insure we were heading in the right direction.

Now, I am planning a trip to Germany and will be staying in a very small area for a short time.
I'd like to take the map from the CD and put it onto an SD card to take with me.

Tech support at Garmin told me:
"the maps should not be locked so you should be able to load it to your other unit."

My problem is that the CD maps were set up to use a serial port rather than a usb one. I've put the card into the unit and have the unit connected, but I cannot download from the CD to the SD card.
I tried saving the maps I want (only about 1.mb) directly to the card through the computer, but end up with just 2kb in the .mps file.

I even thought that maybe the sd card I was using was too big at 128 mb and so went searching and found an 8mb card to try - but the results were the same.

Is there a way to convert a usb connection to a serial one (sounds like a backwards thing to do!)
Or - is there a way to copy the maps off the CD to the SD card that I'm missing?

You need to put the SD card into a card reader to load the maps on. The C330 does not act as a writer. The unit can only read the card once it is inserted with the information already loaded.

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I need further help

I tried the above steps and it(c330)doesn't read the maps or do I have to be in Canada before it will suggest which map do I want? I tried to enter a province and all that would come up were the states and not Alaska. My car is formatted fat32.



Try a couple of things.

First take the card out of the unit and put it in the card reader and confirm that the map file is on the card. Look for file named gmapsupp.img.

If the file isn't there, the maps didn't get transferred properly and you need to do it again.

If the maps are there, then confirm that the maps are selected. Go to Wrench/Settings > Map > Map Info and be sure that the maps are listed and that the check box is checked.

I got it to work

Per your instructions I kept naming the file and ending with the img then I looked at the garmin folder and it said gmapsupp.img.img so I dropped the img and you are so right it works nicely.

Many thanks


Garmin C330 stuck after diagnostic mode

Hi, all!

I tried the diagnostic mode and got it fine (also found my card) but I couldn't see any way to exit or return to normal so I held the power button.

The unit went off and displays the "charging battery" message - even though I've unplugged the USB cable. I can't get any response from the unit at all now.

Is there a master reset button somewhere? I couldn't find one...

I don't know how often these forums are monitored, but a reply to would be appreciated. I will continue to hang around, though.


a couple of hours later... I found it on the Garmin site. You press the lower right corner of the screen and press the power button. I tried that and got no response. I wonder if I hosed my unit?!? Can I remove the battery? I don't see any access screws...


A couple of hours later still... smile I found it. I noticed a fingernail depression under the top of the front bezel. I popped it off and found a reset button. It worked!


atostes wrote:

Yoda, You can check if you have the same problem. Just startup the C330 unit with a SD card inserted. When you got the screen

where to?
view Map

You press the upper right corner of the screen for 5 seconds. Then the diagnostics screen comes out. If you press the next button then you have the SD Card Test Page. On my unit I always got "No Card". If you can see the correct size of your SD card and the other data, you have a different problem. Luck!

Max Capacity?


Just wondering if the C330 has a maximum storage requirement for SD cards. My gut instinct was that any capacity SD (as long as it is physically the same shape) should be able to be read, but after all the POI hijinks and map stuff that the C330 CAN'T do, I'm a little suspicious.

Diagnostic Mode

That is why I personally preach don't go where you shouldn't be going. If Garmin wanted you to be able to use the diagnostic mode they would tell you how. Several have indicated they use the diagnostic mode to be able to use the usb cable instead of the garmin ac charger to use the unit while it charges. When you can't get something to work call the experts at Garmin.

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If this is tha case, then it

If this is tha case, then it is very disappointing from a company like Garmin. I have c330 and i was thinking of loading POIs on SD Card.
How can i test if my Unit detects SD Card or not? I have upgarded firmware to 5.90 but what is the pocedure of testing SD Card reading?

Another suggestion needed

Thanks, dark153, for your clear instructions. I updated my C330 to the 2009 map but I used the download option, rather than the CD option. Now when I try to upload the map from the rmu_cnnant2009.exe application, the program appears only to load the C330 and not any other location. Do you have any suggestions for redirecting the map files from the C330 to a directory file, SD card, whatever? -- thanks, John R

Thanks Dark

I'll try that this weekend

i tried this with my Kodak

i tried what bandaid did with my Kodak DX7630 it went tru all the motions, it says
sending to card reader, building index files, building traffic files, building map sets then at the end it gives a error ( there was a problem communicating with the data card, the media is write protected ) whats it saying, is the data card write protected, the maps are unlocked, i had a 256mb card in tring to write 6 maps total 153.4mb, any insite would be greatly appriecated, thanks


Did you check to see if the card was unlocked? There's a little slider on it.

thanks motorcycle mama , yes

thanks motorcycle mama , yes the card was unlocked, i tried sending the maps both ways, with the data card locked and unlocked i get the same message error , is there any settings i need to set up on the mapsource i also tried it in mapinstall and it did not seen the DX7630 it just seems that because it gets almost all the way tru that it should work, i'll keep trying, thanks for your input, i really appriecate it.


Ok, I just Googled the Kodak item that you posted. It's a digital camera. ??

Ok, let's back up. What are you trying to do? Are you trying to load maps to the SD card to use with a Garmin c330? If so, just put the card in it, and send the maps from MapSource. I wouldn't try to do it by using a digital camera as the interface.

Also, be sure that your MapSource version is version 6.13.7. If it's an earlier version, you need to update the program itself.

Do not update to 6.14.1.

it is a digital camera, what

it is a digital camera, what iam tring to do is load the maps on to the SD card using the camera as the card reader device, what i do is plug in the camera then open mapsource ver 6.13.7 super i also have 6.14.1 on my computor 6.14.1 does not see the device so i use 6.13.7 i have tried two driffrent SD cards one was 128mb and 256mb iam only tring to load 6 maps total 141mb but i still get the error message at the end it never gets to transfering maps (( there was a problem communicating with the data card, the media is write protected )) these cards were used in the camera for pictures do you think thats why iam getting that error do i have to format the card and start fresh, inside the card i put a garmin folder but there is also two others and a settings file. thanks again for you help.

C330 Card

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

Ok, I just Googled the Kodak item that you posted. It's a digital camera. ??

Ok, let's back up. What are you trying to do? Are you trying to load maps to the SD card to use with a Garmin c330? If so, just put the card in it, and send the maps from MapSource. I wouldn't try to do it by using a digital camera as the interface.

Also, be sure that your MapSource version is version 6.13.7. If it's an earlier version, you need to update the program itself.

Do not update to 6.14.1.

If I'm wrong, I'll butt out here, but I don't think you can send cut maps to the SD card on a C330. You can only use the Map Installer that comes with the MAP software to send the areas of Canada or the US that won't fit in internal memory.

IOW, the C330 cannot function as a Mass Storage device, and can only read data from the SD card as
a single file, gmapsupp.img.

I see you've posted a little bit more info. What maps are you trying to load on the 330 card? If you have City Navigator North America 2007, or 2008, or 2009, you already have the detailed maps installed on your unit. You don't have to send maps from Mapsource. The only time you have to send maps from Mapsource is for units that don't have built in detailed maps.

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map recognizing

Try going to your setup screen click on map, then map info. You should see if the map is on the card or not. If it is you'll have to click the preloaded map off so you can use the one loaded to the sd card. Good luck

c330 problem with sd card

i found the diagnostic section on the unit and it says no card.i have tried the card in another c330 and the map updates are there and it reads it fine. is there a way to update the unit so it reads the sd card . i have done the software update to the 6.10 version. but the unit still wont pick up the sd card any ideas on how to fix this problem

2GB SD memory update...

Garmin C320, C330, and C340 GPS units can recognize a MAXIMUM of 2GB SD memory that is inserted into the memory slot. Garmin users are advised to update to the latest Garmin GPS firmware version to ensure compatibility.

Please note that SDHC memory greater than 2GB may not work because the Garmin firmware only recognizes 2GB SD memory hardware or less. SD memory that is in a micro-SD format that fits into a SD adapter or any memory made by Sandisk may not have the same format or total byte size to correctly match original Garmin OEM memory.

When I originally bought my C340, Garmin seems to have used 2gb SD memory from Hewlett Packard with official Garmin map updates. A map update I bought from Garmin came on a HP L1877A 2gb SD card. The HP L1877A SD memory at that time was more expensive than commercial brands, but was pre-formatted to have a slightly higher capacity than other SD memory manufacturers. Please note that not all HP SD memory (ie HP Envy made by SanDisk) works like the original L1877A memory because it may format differently due to other media physical materials used.

This is why C320, C330, and C340 units using a HP L1877A SD memory card can store full Garmin OEM map updates copied onto the SD memory card, while other SD memory manufacturers like SanDisk display messages such as "not enough disk space available to copy file" if the memory is even recognized. If you have to buy another memory card, search eBay or the Internet and ONLY buy original HP L1877A 2gb memory. Do not trust other manufacturer's claims their memory is the same as L1877A, it is not as I have learned from personal experience!

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