I messed up


It's a bummer, but somehow I read posts last week and did not post myself. So now my perfect record is in the can. Too much going on down here in Alabama, too many friends dropping in to visit, and my husband put his computer on the desk instead of mine, and I did not connect when I should have.

Bummer..... but maybe it will straighten itself out in four more weeks so I can have activity in 5 of 5 weeks again.

I also have to figure out how to change my MSN Direct home area to here instead of Boston. But that is another story.

"Making tracks..." {:)-<=| Nuvi 880

Big Change

Boston to Alabama...Wow, now that's a big change in every way...Good luck!

Changes in Latitude, changes in attitude!

THE KING wrote:

Boston to Alabama...Wow, now that's a big change in every way...Good luck!

Oh yes. We have none of the ice issues here in south Alabama, and my hubby is digging the dirt for his new winter garden. All we have is rain and fog, but this morning proved to be sunny and warm. I hope it continues to be in the 70s, with the doors open and the ceiling fans running. We are using a leaf blower/shredder, not a snow blower. Big difference.

"Making tracks..." {:)-<=| Nuvi 880


babago wrote:

It's a bummer, but...

Whew, when most folks post a I messed up message, they've just deleted a critical file on their GPS and in answer to other folks' suggestions, they respond with What do you mean, do I have a Backup?


Yeah, I expected the usual, and this was a relief. Sorry about your record Babago, though--at least responding to you gave me a chance to post for this week!