Starbucks or any other coffee alert


Spent some time searching for coffee alert sounds and came up with the following three wav files (to be converted to mp3) as my top pics

Coffee Break.wav at (it's a scream!!!!!!!)

Billy Bob Thorton as Carl in Coffee.wav ("Coffee kinda make me nervous when I drink it") at (if you're a Sling Blade follower you might want to grab the adjacent "I like them French-fried potaters, um-hmm" wav file as well).

And lastly (and this is where we spot the over 40's on the forum), the Maxwell House.wav jingle from their televison commercials - it's actually a rather pleasant sound as an alert.



I'm not clear - are you going to convert those to mp3 files and send them to Miss POI for posting on the site, or are you asking for help to convert them to mp3 format for your own use? smile

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These sound like movie clips, which would be copyright infringement to post them here. wink

I use the one I created out of AT&T's online TTS program. "Lauren" demands, "I want my Starbucks and I want it now!" mrgreen

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I agree it would be

I agree it would be incorrect to post them here, which is why I did not covert them and upload them for forum use. I'm simply making note of their existance for others to access, either as free if in the public domain or to pay royalty as required. Even if free by virtue of being in the public domain, the point of the other websites posting them is to obtain traffic for advertisers so we should honor that effort and visit their website to obtain the files and not just pass them around. Hope that helps.