Big thanks from Miss Poi to all of those that are reporting red light camera locations


I have been getting a very large number of red light camera location reports and I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that.

Thank you everyone that helps make my job easier.

I love giving credit where credit is due and lately I have been getting emails from people that don't let me know what their user profile name is.

I can only add a poi contributor badge to your profile if I can find it, so please include your registered user name in your email so that I can give you the recognition that you deserve.

Thanks again everyone,

Miss Poi

Big Thanks...

Thank you Miss Poi for acknowleging all of us....

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like to take a moment to

like to take a moment to thank miss poi (the queen of gps)and JM for all the work they have done over the last months. they r the reason we all have a place to enjoy a new hobby and meet new friends.



Couldn't have said it better.

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There are more redlight

There are more redlight cameras around here I will try to get the intersections as I can and provide them to you.

I uploaded 2 files yesterday

I uploaded 2 files yesterday that I found on the web, then I couldn't find them. After reading the rules I can see why. Sorry. Hopefully the locations included can be used to update your camera locations for Canada and the Speed trap loacations.

i agree

I would like to say thank you to everyone, it is why we call this a community, submitting POI for everything such as red light cameras (im sure thats why alot of people love coming here) and everything else in between such as your favorite dunkin donuts to that chinese food place down the block at long... and lat... but thats why we are all here, to contribute to something and to get something back in return, friendship, advice, knowledge. i am proud to be a new member of this community and look foward to being an active and avid member. I have already submitted 5 red light cameras in my area that were recently (within the last month or so) put up, so look for them when you are out driving!

Take care!